Life is not cotton candy.

Life’s a Candy Store:  You get to be a 6-year-old kid again for one day and one day only — plan your perfect 24 hours. Where do you go, what do you do, and with whom?

Life is neither a candy nor a candy store. It is, if anything else, a ride, a race, a journey of sorts. But even in a journey we take breaks – in life there is no halting. Yes, it has its own way of getting on to our nerves, keeping us occupied and god does it slip away minute by minute while we waste our time on unnecessary things, people, arguments and matters. Shut those things down otherwise It will get daunting.

On a very brighter and lighter note though, life is one big opportunity to make bigger things happen and not just for ourselves – animals do that already. Are we not the “superior” species? I think, we should do things for others too – selfless service. We need to be different and make an impact at least for our own sake. UN announced its global goals and bigger goals are met when smaller things are taken care of.

I get bored so very often and so I try to keep it simple but interesting. Only then can life be a candy store and that too not for just a day. We will get all the flavours in just one place. Hmmm… turns out I was wrong, life is a candy store after all – colourful and enticing. So close yet so far out of reach and sometimes in abundance – trick or treat? – that is life’s question for us.

Anyway, on to a completely different topic. (Not so different because it is about a journey and life is a journey hehehe).

I clicked these pictures from my phone… was again on an offiial work trip – Now I understand why working-professionals are always so busy? Work just eats up a lot of time. But that is no problem, especially when it lets you to venture into places with views as follows.

The tiny tiny bus :)

The tiny tiny bus 🙂

Being artsy - perspective picture.

Being artsy – perspective picture.

Them views though! :)

A lonely shack. Them views though! 😛

How poetic? :)

How poetic? 🙂 My favourite of all.

In to the mountains, on a train ;) equals beautiful!

In to the mountains, on a train 😉 equals beautiful!

Oh, the setting sun. See you tomorrow, it says.

Oh, the setting sun. See you tomorrow, it says.

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