What do you see?

Connect the Dots:

I can not really understand the prompt so I will go around it, rather than through it. Connecting dots, I like the sound of it. Little by little we take steps forward thinking that somehow we will reach our destination. Now, this could be a goal, or just a small aim but we know small actions will have effect so we keep pushing and going further even when we are at the verge of exhaustion.

To put it simply, I would say that we set smaller targets to achieve the bigger one. That is how the man kind has known it, that is how we all do it because when smaller things are taken care off the bigger picture is automatically perfect. Yes, like a puzzle that is. But is it that simple? Does joining one thing to the other leads to the final point?

No one can answer that for sure. But deep inside a voice says, “yes it is that simple and yes, if we connect the dots we will eventually get a line” (I guess that is the positivity speaking) One could call these smaller dots their halting points, or mini victories until they reach the final dot (until you win the entire battle). And the scary thing here is the number of dots. Sometimes we find ourselves so stuck that, it feels like we are back at square one.

That is when we do not just lose strength but we lose hope and we know that is the worst. We ask ourselves when does it end? Why is it so difficult and why is life so much of work? Be it relationships or career, be it professional or personal, we all go through it.

In my opinion the younger generation is going through it earlier then they are supposed to, but that is like the norm now. People grow up too fast and there is no childhood – every one is just jumping on to adolescence and sadly kids do not have any idea what they are missing in all this. Stress has become so common that you can hear people not wanting to live on this planet anymore, and that says a lot.

So many young people have self-related issues, kids are bullied, they have to work so hard in School/College, and then they have to get a job where they are most likely to be exploited and there patience will be severely tested. As I see it and can even relate to it, when in School/College you “join so many dots” to get out of there with flying colours, only to be again looked down upon, judged and underestimated.

So, where have the connected dots brought us now? In the middle of no where!? Who is to say! And from there it only goes down hill. Very few realize the importance of holding on, but the majority gets tired of thinking about the next dot. So, what do we conclude? That each time we are going to be at the supposed last point, we will be shown a new one? I do see it as a lot of work, and intertwined with personal life… Yes, now that is a pile of things that need be properly prioritized

So, should one give up? Or should they carry on with the hope of finally reaching the last dot? Whatever one sees fit works (I guess) because it can only go two ways, and which ever way one chooses there will certainly be an outcome – the next dot.

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