Run for your sake!

Saved by the Bell:  Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.

Hahaha I laugh because the story is hilarious. As a child who is not mischievous? But then again to physically get yourself out of a messy situation is not an easy thing, you need tactics or like in my case survival instincts.

Oh, lying is not good thing, but we all do it one point of time or another. And being naughty is not allowed but we all have been there and done that too. Had it not been that way it would not have been referred to as childhood.

But have you ever seen an adult act like a child? I have, and I did not need to go any farther than my college. So, once upon a fine day (just 3 years ago) I and my friend (Namrata) gave our commitment to a professor (one of our teachers) that, we would take up some additional assignments.

We were simply ready to take on extra work even with a jam-packed schedule. We agreed upon this idea of extra assignments because the professor clearly said that it would help those who were planning on clearing a national level exam. So in our desperation me and my friend and a bunch of our class mates said, “yes” (with utmost excitement).

It was not until three days later that we reminded the teacher to hand us the assignment because we would be needing a lot of time to complete it, considering our so called busy schedules. Obviously sir asked all of us to follow him to his laboratory where he would delegate the work.

We reached our professor’s lab. And he approached for a pile of thick, actually very fat, books. We all were astonished but it was expected because extra work could come only from those extra-large books. Everything seems/sounds normal till here, right?

Then, he told us that he was trying to make a dummy-copy of multiple choice questions extracted from those five to six books. Here we were thinking extra work extra knowledge, who would have expected that he was basically trying to get his work done through us. I do not know about other students who were there in the room with me and Namrata, but we were literally taken aback.

We were not expecting to finish a dummy-project, we wanted actual work. So we looked at each other and were thinking of the same thing – we can not pick questions from a book and type it on to computer with their correct answers marked adjacent to them – whatever it meant to our sir, it just felt like a waste of time to both of us. It was like stepping into quicksand!

What did we do to get ourselves out of this mess, out of this sticky situation?

All of us were gathered near sir’s demonstration table and we were on the two corners. So somehow, probably because of being friends, we thought of the same idea – Slowly move to the end of the line, get yourself away from sir’s line of sight, and run out of the room. Literally RUN!

I and my friend, we did that. We used the most basic of survival instincts; fight or flight. We chose flight and not to mention ran eight flight of stairs from ground floor, back to our class up on the fourth floor. We laughed out loud and were hysterical for next ten minutes or so for what we had just done.

Later, the rest of the students came by and said that sir was asking for us, but they had no idea we had run away but sir must have figured it out and it was kind of him that he never brought it up. If anything else we got one of our good stories.