Are they lucky?

The Luckiest People: Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


I woke up to such a hustle and bustle today. Bro had an exam, dad was leaving for a work-trip and I as usual had not been able to sleep whole night and wanted to get some rest in the last one hour before the alarm went off. Unfortunately, I could not and woke up with a dash of headache. So bad.

Anyhow, is it wrong to say that nowadays the first person one sees is their own-self? I mean, unless someone is lucky enough to wake up next to their significant other or special someone, the perks of being single are; getting up, stretching like an animal followed by greeting good morning to your reflection or family members/pets etc.

That being said, The first person I encountered in my home was my mother when I came out for breakfast. Then, the first person I met on the road was an auto-rickshaw driver. I was so late today because of all the sleep deprivation I had no time to walk to the subway (which is like 10 minutes away only). After that I met a colleague of mine in the office.

So those were the first people that I met in the three different places. Mom is like any other mom the greatest in the world. She does more work than the rest of us. She is pretty much what you call them? Yeah, superwoman.

The auto-rickshaw driver… Well where do I even begin about him? He did not just drive me around but kept telling me stories about himself – turns out that he has lived in this place for 62 years – so now I know that. Oh, also he charged me less than any other driver would have. So that was cool, but I am not really good at accepting such grand gestures it made me feel strange like I owed him something.

Lastly, I met my colleague, man does he work really hard! I feel for him, specially for what happened today, sort of happens frequently and I do not know why. He had planned a half day because he had to attend to something personal and after the lunch break he left the office and must have almost reached his home when he was called back to the office for something urgent and trivial (in my eyes).

I was astonished to see him back and then as his plan was obviously ruined he stayed there till 6pm – with a smile on his face. Yes he was sad that his afternoon got wasted but he kept his smile. Two thoughts crossed my mind; one, is this simplicity/silence/smiling of his leading to him being exploited like that? Two, how can someone even do that, does any one care for such self-less actions anymore?

Personally, I might not be able to do that. I think I can speak for my fellow young-bloods. I am still astonished but at least I keep learning new things. It might be one of those age and patience things. Wow, the lengths people go to just because jobs are no more an option but like a luxury that only a few get. It is definitely sad if anything else.





Be complex.

Teach Well: We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.


Now, that title is so unlike me. Anyone who follows my blogs must be knowing this very basic thing about me. I am clear and am always preaching about life and its nuances (as if I know it all).

Well, I most definitely do not know it all, but nonetheless it is this sharing of ideas and thoughts through blogging that brings meaning and a touch of reality to the whole process of trying to understand the fact which is – it’s one life we get.

So in the spirit of it being our only chance and trying to make a lot happen in that time, I would sideline the normal and say that we should keep it simple but be complex! What is the point in being ordinary? What is the meaning in being the same old?

Books were written before us and books will be written after us. We might not even be mentioned in any one of them because to make your story a page in history requires so much more than just being simple.

It is good to be clear in the head, simplicity is a quality that people look up to, but one should not live so much by the books or the rules that they forget to break free, venture out and be more than what they think they can be.

All this requires one to be complex. Yes, you have to be curious. Yes, you have to be crazy. The desire should be to know it all and do it all-  literally- because “netflix and chill” can wait hahaha but time will not.

Try to know more than what meets the the eyes, try to figure out what is being said between the lines. Know what you feel, know what others’s might be thinking. Why stop? If you are jumping jump higher than yesterday. If you are in love, love like it is your first time seeing each other.

Mess up and then let it go, keep it simple but be the Sigmund Freud of your life. Over analyse, over think, and then realise what it actually means to take it easy. There is so much to know, to learn, and to do… then why should we waste our time on trivial matters.

Why not google the 4th dimension – is it time or not? How do you know if someone’s lying? How to sing? Where is this world headed? etc. Well, there is a lot to think about – Know the unknown. Do not have just”an” opinion rather have opinions. Choose your own topic based on your liking – that is how you keep it simple, but learn it on your own, be your own teacher and be complex.




Should you even?

Literate for a Day: Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?


Oh cute little baby, read this today and read it good. Adapting, remember this word. This is a word that can get so wrong in its execution that in the process you will not be the chubby little kid that you are about to become.

Body shaming, it is not called chubby anymore, it is called fat and somehow it is a very bad word now. Age is going to be a number and your behaviour would not be based on your age but the people around you.

You won’t eat things or like things to your liking and not just because you will suddenly find them uninteresting but again because of the people around you. You won’t listen to your favourite band or wear clothes your way. Yes indirectly you won’t be expressing yourself. You might even go into this shell where you would not want to interact with the outside world.

All because books are judged by their covers and in this day and age you do not just follow your heart. You could be deemed as being ancient. You have to be hip not just cool and it won’ be defined by you, but the majority. Do not say they are wrong, just adapt.

Now, read the last statement and never ever look back at it. You will not adapt, it is only the beginning of becoming accustomed to all that is wrong. Do not lose your perspective. Black is black and white is white, do not let anyone tell you about the grey area that is open for exploration. Question… because policies have a way of becoming anything from a cult to a religion. Yes, we can choose our Gods and we can choose our beliefs. So do question.

Stay away from the worst – losing yourself, as this new song says if you lose yourself you will lose it all. Staying yourself is looked down upon, somehow justifying your every action is a norm. You have to be so politically correct because even simple words are twisted and turned into crap.

So say no and keep to your thoughts just go forward with them. DO not adapt unless it is change. How much of it is okay? I will leave that to you. But the question for you is… Should you? Should you even pay heed to such an advice and question the world, whilst you could take the easier path and JUST adapt?


The Power of Touch:  Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?


When I see that picture of my granma and granpa, I get reminded of the happy times spent with them, I did not really get to be with them for as long as I would have liked. They lived in our joint-family-home while we had to move out to the city because of dad’s work . It was all good though.

They would come visit us and would stay with us for months and on summer vacations we would do so. But vacations are vacations… the actual fun was to see them after School, coming home after a mundane day at School, used to become so exciting just because they were there, they were the change.

So I would leave my whole world on one side and sit with my grandma and listen to her stories about how my dad “too” was a mischievous child once and how she became who she is. To me it was all so interesting. How as a mother of four she brought up the children in those times while grand-dad was busy being the Army-man.

Life in hills was not easy, specially because of the lack of electricity. And even today the lonely houses with huge agricultural lands all around them are pretty difficult to spend nights in, alone. It is not  like a scene from a horror movie but here is an image. A tiger took our dog and only his leash was left. Come to think of it we should not have gone to my cousin’s wedding with a careless caretaker left all alone. But who is to blame!? It is too dark and the moon light only makes it eerie, he would not have dared to help the dog.

Back to the point, it is all very interesting (unique to say the least) and such were my granny’s stories. Grand dad was all about politics and the changing world but he has definitely given me an insight as to what life – as a long journey – is all about.

I remember sitting very close to granny and looking at all her wrinkles and freckles, each mark and spot was like carrying a story of its own, as if they were trying to show all that granny had been through and how happy she is for her son and his family. She did not know what I was studying, but never missed a chance to show her support and kept saying, “do it and do it right”.

So I do not really know how to put this, but her hands and the texture of her hands (if that is how you say it) those freckles and wrinkles that smooth skin – I remember that, can not touch it anymore, but that memory means so much to me that, this was my attempt to put it in minimal words.

Only there photos and the touch of those photos brings it all back because we lost granny to multi organ failure 4 years ago and granddad passed away this year itself. It is sad but I know they were happy before they left us. Gives us a sense of satisfaction.


One More Time: If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?


I graduated last year so I would like to relive the convocation for sure. Nothing else has been that happening since the 11th December 2014. May be except for my cousin’s weddings. But graduation was day full of fun. I had my family by my side, obviously as I was in the University for the ceremony, my friends were there too – with their families.

We all met, talked, and laughed amidst all the formal processions, the gathering and sitting quietly while the bagpipers signaled the entry of the statutory committee. Dressed in black, as formal as anyone ever could be, it indeed is a really good time fills you with pride. Sadly enough it marks the end of an amazing life that only students get to live.

So, I want to dress up in formals, wear the scholars’s gown and that strange cap while applauding for fellow students on getting their hard earned degrees and waiting for my own turn, looking forward to the evening when I would get to click hundreds of pictures with my friends and end the day and an era with a party.


I think the speaker cracked a joke or something 😛 (Batch ’14)




It is not odd.

An Odd Trio: Today, you can write about whatever you want.

I will take half of the prompt, please. Serve it on a nice platter but make sure it has no spelling mistakes.

So Diwali… Yeah, enjoy the pictures. They begin from the entrance and finish at the backside of the building. Not at all odd just lots of lights!!


  The staircase 🙂


I love how the lights have caused an illusion in the stairs. They look uneven.


From stairs to the door. Yes it is a door just too dressed up 😛


Lights everywhere, almost a fire hazard LOL.


More earthen lamps at the ready.


Fighting the wind.


Fancy neighbours.


When the nights are brighter than the day. 🙂

An amazing end to an amazing day. Now lets wait for the next year to come because it is so much fun.

A friend.

Secret Admirers: You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

And in a surprising turn of events we go from psychological prompts to completely personal ones. To be honest…

Roses are red

Violets can be blue.

And I getting a bouquet?

Chances of that are very few.

Unless it is someone,

That I did something good for.

But I am always good.

Oh, that I am pretty sure of.

If I did get flowers.

I’d be taken aback.

Thinking, who would do that?

Perhaps a friend.

But does any one care?

May be someone who finally dared.

A friend – sitting faraway,

Who is cherishing me anyway.

Haha that is for a special friend, even with an ocean between us she still maintains the bond and I obviously reciprocate. Friendships made in School are amazingly special and that makes her my only source of receiving a surprise bouquet. And that’s no secret.

Diwali treats.

No Apologies: What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

Festival of the lights is around the corner, actually it is less than 48 hours away. And the festivities are in full force. Talk about guilty pleasures! Ha! No one gets any form of guilt especially this time of the year. The weather finally turns a little colder and makes the shopping, gatherings and getting out pretty convenient. Oh and I missed the fact that eating too becomes very easy.

It does span almost a month – the festivities, the rituals, I mean the shopping with special sales all around is even more alluring. Gifts and money flow like champagne – although we do not celebrate with alcohol. It is more of sweets with more sweets, on top of it, that we like to celebrate with – feasting to be precise.

To the western world it could be like X’mas mixed with new year and perhaps a bit of Halloween because to be honest we do like to over dress, no one needs an occasion for that really. If you have seen a Bollywood movie then you definitely know what I am talking about.

Getting back to guilty pleasure… Yes I am a self proclaimed foodie and Diwali is just another excuse and a perfect time to celebrate with family, friends and loads of sweets. Calories? What are those? If we cared about calories there won’t be any food during the feast, and I have gotten so used to it that to answer this prompt I chose Diwali treats.

There is one thing that I got really guilty about when I was young and have never done it again, bursting crackers. I mean for kids it makes sense, it is fun for them. Now as a grown up I am not as interested, but I have seen so many other adults enjoying them. I am not against them but one could definitely control the number of crackers.

For one they cause too much pollution, air and noise both. Two, people do not just do it for fun they do it to show off. And that makes people to have this silent competition of who can burst more crackers, indirectly meaning who can cause more pollution – it is sad.

It gets really bad especially in crowded cities where the smoke enters the apartments and news-reports suggest that every year there is an increase of asthma attack cases. Fun for one, punishment for others! Even I see the paper, other garbage, and the scared stray dogs on road the next day. Well, only if we knew how and when to stop. But that won’t be a guilty pleasure now, would it be?

Just saying…

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?)

When we have so many choices. Why choose one? This brings up an entirely unrelated but serious topic. Why do we humans have to have only one out of all the other. Only one? We should not have to choose, right?

Like somewhere someday you are born and you are put in a school. If you are a boy you are supposed to be a certain way. If you are a girl you are expected to behave. You have to choose your actions, you have to choose one of the candies, you have to have a favourite out of all your toys.

You have to choose a colour, you have to choose a friend as the best, you have to choose to be an emo or goth, a jock or a nerd, you have to choose to be scientific/logical or artistic/creative. You have to choose to be a hippie or live the so called fancy life. As far as being decisive is concerned is that not a personal choice? Why announce? Why do others care?

Our whole lives we are taught to behave a specific way, act nice and make good choices. Why does no one say go make mistakes take wrong paths and learn something. Nope, instead it is more like you dare not make mistake and destroy the name of the family with your stupid actions. Wow! so much individuality!  Although, this might not be the same all around the world.

We think someone stereotyping people and things is wrong in doing so. At the most he/she is the perfect projection of what we teach our young ones – to choose a side, indirectly to label things, to belong to one thing and see things as yes or no only.

So, I choose to travel with an airplane, then take a train, a bus, a car, a bike and reach the top of my mountain by a hot air balloon because that is how I would like it to be – unrestricted. A little off topic but choices are choices, everyone should be entitled to their opinions, and life choices, for life is not a debate it is multifaceted.

Let it pour.

Singin’ in the Rain: Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Rain rain come today, why wait for another day?

We have waited way too long, and it’s about time you poured down.

Rains are amazing, much better when you are indoors and can stay dry. It is okay, once in a while, to dance, sing or just walk in the rain. But watching it pour outside from your window while you have hot chocolate or as we do it here eating pakora (fritters) with chai (tea) is as much refreshing as it is classic.

Safe inside? Yes. Toasty warm? No. The whole point of monsoon is to bring the much needed respite from the heat that proves fatal every year. Yes, (in this part of the world) sadly death toll rises near the end of may and in June as temperatures reach above 48 degrees C.

So on one hand we all love the rain, but then it is as if the weather just likes to mess with us. First it gets drier than a drought and then it floods, like who ever is in charge is not doing too good a job at managing the weather. Or may be these are the repercussions of the so called human-exploitation of nature and it is showing us what it really is capable of and who the real boss is.

Thus, every rainy season we wish that either it should rain during the nights or on the weekends only – No one wants to get dirty with the mud and the muddy water as the roads literally get flooded (waterlogged) with rain water and jam packed with traffic and impatient drivers. Hahaha naturally no, umbrellas are not of much help.

So yeah I have my very valid points as to why I would rather sit inside, enjoy the cold breeze, smell the fresh air, and eat with my family or friends while probably doing the nae nae and the whip (haha) to some really nice music.