A companion post.

I did write about learning a new language a while ago. For me, It has only been a year on WordPress so yes the old post could be easily found in the archives. It has something to with the language software Rosetta and the stone. Anyway here is the companion post to that one.

Learning a new language. First questions first, Why? Why learn a new language? Not just new but a foreign language. Well, just because. My first answer is… learn a new language just for the sake of it.

Secondly, you could be learning it perhaps because you need it, you might want to move into that country, you have friends or a love-interest who are/is from a foreign land and you just want to understand them better. Or like in my not so special case, you just like to stir things up.

You could be one of those people who just can not get enough of this huge huge world and with its very many facets ranging from people, culture, the history, the past that led to the present – the curiosity won’t let you settle down for the mundane and ordinary. Not that it is wrong in anyway but do not call it a hobby, makes it sound like something I would do to relax myself.

And my fellow German language students would agree that der, die, das, die changes with every case, every gender, every adjective (based on the case) and studying this in spare time is definitely not relaxing. But it is curiosity that fuels me and I just happen to like the idea of us humans being the same yet so different.

I mean a dog bows and a cat meows and a bird chirps – be it any part of the world. Hmmm, and what did we do? Not only did we evolve and became genetically different but created so much more that got projected into the physical world. Now, that is mind boggling. Is it not?

I come from a place that is so diverse, our cities have diversity – it is literally a jungle. Talk about crossing every 100 Km and ending up with not just new dialect but new language, culture and not so surprisingly a new set of beliefs too. And I have found that who ever said, “when in Rome do as Romans do” was very wise, they knew what they meant and I understand it now. Language is the first step (not so easy step) to become familiar.

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