Let it pour.

Singin’ in the Rain: Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Rain rain come today, why wait for another day?

We have waited way too long, and it’s about time you poured down.

Rains are amazing, much better when you are indoors and can stay dry. It is okay, once in a while, to dance, sing or just walk in the rain. But watching it pour outside from your window while you have hot chocolate or as we do it here eating pakora (fritters) with chai (tea) is as much refreshing as it is classic.

Safe inside? Yes. Toasty warm? No. The whole point of monsoon is to bring the much needed respite from the heat that proves fatal every year. Yes, (in this part of the world) sadly death toll rises near the end of may and in June as temperatures reach above 48 degrees C.

So on one hand we all love the rain, but then it is as if the weather just likes to mess with us. First it gets drier than a drought and then it floods, like who ever is in charge is not doing too good a job at managing the weather. Or may be these are the repercussions of the so called human-exploitation of nature and it is showing us what it really is capable of and who the real boss is.

Thus, every rainy season we wish that either it should rain during the nights or on the weekends only – No one wants to get dirty with the mud and the muddy water as the roads literally get flooded (waterlogged) with rain water and jam packed with traffic and impatient drivers. Hahaha naturally no, umbrellas are not of much help.

So yeah I have my very valid points as to why I would rather sit inside, enjoy the cold breeze, smell the fresh air, and eat with my family or friends while probably doing the nae nae and the whip (haha) to some really nice music.

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