Diwali treats.

No Apologies: What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

Festival of the lights is around the corner, actually it is less than 48 hours away. And the festivities are in full force. Talk about guilty pleasures! Ha! No one gets any form of guilt especially this time of the year. The weather finally turns a little colder and makes the shopping, gatherings and getting out pretty convenient. Oh and I missed the fact that eating too becomes very easy.

It does span almost a month – the festivities, the rituals, I mean the shopping with special sales all around is even more alluring. Gifts and money flow like champagne – although we do not celebrate with alcohol. It is more of sweets with more sweets, on top of it, that we like to celebrate with – feasting to be precise.

To the western world it could be like X’mas mixed with new year and perhaps a bit of Halloween because to be honest we do like to over dress, no one needs an occasion for that really. If you have seen a Bollywood movie then you definitely know what I am talking about.

Getting back to guilty pleasure… Yes I am a self proclaimed foodie and Diwali is just another excuse and a perfect time to celebrate with family, friends and loads of sweets. Calories? What are those? If we cared about calories there won’t be any food during the feast, and I have gotten so used to it that to answer this prompt I chose Diwali treats.

There is one thing that I got really guilty about when I was young and have never done it again, bursting crackers. I mean for kids it makes sense, it is fun for them. Now as a grown up I am not as interested, but I have seen so many other adults enjoying them. I am not against them but one could definitely control the number of crackers.

For one they cause too much pollution, air and noise both. Two, people do not just do it for fun they do it to show off. And that makes people to have this silent competition of who can burst more crackers, indirectly meaning who can cause more pollution – it is sad.

It gets really bad especially in crowded cities where the smoke enters the apartments and news-reports suggest that every year there is an increase of asthma attack cases. Fun for one, punishment for others! Even I see the paper, other garbage, and the scared stray dogs on road the next day. Well, only if we knew how and when to stop. But that won’t be a guilty pleasure now, would it be?

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