One More Time: If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?


I graduated last year so I would like to relive the convocation for sure. Nothing else has been that happening since the 11th December 2014. May be except for my cousin’s weddings. But graduation was day full of fun. I had my family by my side, obviously as I was in the University for the ceremony, my friends were there too – with their families.

We all met, talked, and laughed amidst all the formal processions, the gathering and sitting quietly while the bagpipers signaled the entry of the statutory committee. Dressed in black, as formal as anyone ever could be, it indeed is a really good time fills you with pride. Sadly enough it marks the end of an amazing life that only students get to live.

So, I want to dress up in formals, wear the scholars’s gown and that strange cap while applauding for fellow students on getting their hard earned degrees and waiting for my own turn, looking forward to the evening when I would get to click hundreds of pictures with my friends and end the day and an era with a party.


I think the speaker cracked a joke or something 😛 (Batch ’14)




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