Should you even?

Literate for a Day: Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?


Oh cute little baby, read this today and read it good. Adapting, remember this word. This is a word that can get so wrong in its execution that in the process you will not be the chubby little kid that you are about to become.

Body shaming, it is not called chubby anymore, it is called fat and somehow it is a very bad word now. Age is going to be a number and your behaviour would not be based on your age but the people around you.

You won’t eat things or like things to your liking and not just because you will suddenly find them uninteresting but again because of the people around you. You won’t listen to your favourite band or wear clothes your way. Yes indirectly you won’t be expressing yourself. You might even go into this shell where you would not want to interact with the outside world.

All because books are judged by their covers and in this day and age you do not just follow your heart. You could be deemed as being ancient. You have to be hip not just cool and it won’ be defined by you, but the majority. Do not say they are wrong, just adapt.

Now, read the last statement and never ever look back at it. You will not adapt, it is only the beginning of becoming accustomed to all that is wrong. Do not lose your perspective. Black is black and white is white, do not let anyone tell you about the grey area that is open for exploration. Question… because policies have a way of becoming anything from a cult to a religion. Yes, we can choose our Gods and we can choose our beliefs. So do question.

Stay away from the worst – losing yourself, as this new song says if you lose yourself you will lose it all. Staying yourself is looked down upon, somehow justifying your every action is a norm. You have to be so politically correct because even simple words are twisted and turned into crap.

So say no and keep to your thoughts just go forward with them. DO not adapt unless it is change. How much of it is okay? I will leave that to you. But the question for you is… Should you? Should you even pay heed to such an advice and question the world, whilst you could take the easier path and JUST adapt?