Be complex.

Teach Well: We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.


Now, that title is so unlike me. Anyone who follows my blogs must be knowing this very basic thing about me. I am clear and am always preaching about life and its nuances (as if I know it all).

Well, I most definitely do not know it all, but nonetheless it is this sharing of ideas and thoughts through blogging that brings meaning and a touch of reality to the whole process of trying to understand the fact which is – it’s one life we get.

So in the spirit of it being our only chance and trying to make a lot happen in that time, I would sideline the normal and say that we should keep it simple but be complex! What is the point in being ordinary? What is the meaning in being the same old?

Books were written before us and books will be written after us. We might not even be mentioned in any one of them because to make your story a page in history requires so much more than just being simple.

It is good to be clear in the head, simplicity is a quality that people look up to, but one should not live so much by the books or the rules that they forget to break free, venture out and be more than what they think they can be.

All this requires one to be complex. Yes, you have to be curious. Yes, you have to be crazy. The desire should be to know it all and do it all-  literally- because “netflix and chill” can wait hahaha but time will not.

Try to know more than what meets the the eyes, try to figure out what is being said between the lines. Know what you feel, know what others’s might be thinking. Why stop? If you are jumping jump higher than yesterday. If you are in love, love like it is your first time seeing each other.

Mess up and then let it go, keep it simple but be the Sigmund Freud of your life. Over analyse, over think, and then realise what it actually means to take it easy. There is so much to know, to learn, and to do… then why should we waste our time on trivial matters.

Why not google the 4th dimension – is it time or not? How do you know if someone’s lying? How to sing? Where is this world headed? etc. Well, there is a lot to think about – Know the unknown. Do not have just”an” opinion rather have opinions. Choose your own topic based on your liking – that is how you keep it simple, but learn it on your own, be your own teacher and be complex.




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