Are they lucky?

The Luckiest People: Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


I woke up to such a hustle and bustle today. Bro had an exam, dad was leaving for a work-trip and I as usual had not been able to sleep whole night and wanted to get some rest in the last one hour before the alarm went off. Unfortunately, I could not and woke up with a dash of headache. So bad.

Anyhow, is it wrong to say that nowadays the first person one sees is their own-self? I mean, unless someone is lucky enough to wake up next to their significant other or special someone, the perks of being single are; getting up, stretching like an animal followed by greeting good morning to your reflection or family members/pets etc.

That being said, The first person I encountered in my home was my mother when I came out for breakfast. Then, the first person I met on the road was an auto-rickshaw driver. I was so late today because of all the sleep deprivation I had no time to walk to the subway (which is like 10 minutes away only). After that I met a colleague of mine in the office.

So those were the first people that I met in the three different places. Mom is like any other mom the greatest in the world. She does more work than the rest of us. She is pretty much what you call them? Yeah, superwoman.

The auto-rickshaw driver… Well where do I even begin about him? He did not just drive me around but kept telling me stories about himself – turns out that he has lived in this place for 62 years – so now I know that. Oh, also he charged me less than any other driver would have. So that was cool, but I am not really good at accepting such grand gestures it made me feel strange like I owed him something.

Lastly, I met my colleague, man does he work really hard! I feel for him, specially for what happened today, sort of happens frequently and I do not know why. He had planned a half day because he had to attend to something personal and after the lunch break he left the office and must have almost reached his home when he was called back to the office for something urgent and trivial (in my eyes).

I was astonished to see him back and then as his plan was obviously ruined he stayed there till 6pm – with a smile on his face. Yes he was sad that his afternoon got wasted but he kept his smile. Two thoughts crossed my mind; one, is this simplicity/silence/smiling of his leading to him being exploited like that? Two, how can someone even do that, does any one care for such self-less actions anymore?

Personally, I might not be able to do that. I think I can speak for my fellow young-bloods. I am still astonished but at least I keep learning new things. It might be one of those age and patience things. Wow, the lengths people go to just because jobs are no more an option but like a luxury that only a few get. It is definitely sad if anything else.





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