Exhale: Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.


Things either go wrong or they go well, there is no middle ground in this. It is only in situations like, when you fall off of a branch but get stuck in another one just before hitting the ground, you would literally exhale and thank the almighty for saving your life.

So, yeah things do not go wrong to suddenly be perfectly fine. It is not a fairyland where in the last minute things change on their own – never! When you know you have messed up and it is out of hands, most probably it is! And it won’t set right on its own.

The only thing is that the repercussions might not be as bad as you had thought they would be. In this case only something going down might not have a great big fall after all. But I have no story to tell where I knew that a bad situation would turn out just okay.

Now, being optimistic is an entirely different thing but so is being in denial – one might be on any side. Having instincts and intuitions is amazing, they help in every situation, but I believe one should accept, adapt and act as only this practical approach would guarantee a smooth ride because knowing or having a hunch is not enough.