A friend not a Foe.

Fearless Fantasies:  How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?


This one feels like a repeated prompt. Nevertheless, fearlessness is one of the most amazing of qualities that anyone can have. If we had the power to not feel our fears we would achieve so much more. We are taught to learn, follow, and then just do it. But many a times it is the fear of one thing or the other that stops us from accomplishing a feat (that we are capable of).

I can not even begin to tell you of the times I have literally admired people for doing exactly what they wanted to. Each time I would be awestruck, standing with my eyes wide open watching someone just go for it. Be it the kids who snuck in their assignments into the teachers’ lounge at the last minute or my friend who would not mind picking up the garbage and throwing it back in to the house of the people who threw it on the street in the first place. Well deserved, right?

There are times when we know we are out of our comfort zone and not feeling calm but other times we just need a boost (from loved ones) and we actually get things, that seemed beyond us, done. On a completely different side falls the situation of consciously creating fears, sometimes even irrational, these fears are purely in our heads. We just need to take it easy and take the risk. These are the times when we waste our energy on thinking of what and what not rather than focussing on just getting something done. Every experience is a lesson thus, we should never hold back.

Then again there is a line between letting go of your fears and letting go of all fears. One should know there place, act responsibly, and according to their age, if I may add. Walking on the ledge of a 100 floor building is not too good of an idea to prove that your fearless. They say, “win over fears” not go over board and touch the 440 volts of high tension lines – life is not an episode of fear factor – I just felt like addressing this issue, after all you never know what someone might just take as a challenge?

I also feel that, as much as it is important to be a step above from where you stood yesterday and that fighting your fears is very important, specially if it hinders your progress in work life, love life, school, or at home, but fear is not always a foe.

Many a times this fear of losing your self or your self-control is what holds you back from acting violently and in a way keeps us all civilised. Law does not work solely on the fact that it is the LAW, it works because people fear punishments. Wait, is that not what a lot of religious texts “supposedly” talk of – hell and heaven, punishments and rewards, sufferings and joy? Hmmm in grand scheme of things this seems like God’s way of enforcing law and order upon us.

With the fear of hell, both figuratively and religiously or mythic (I am not sure), but fear acts as a friend and helps in running this “organised chaos” in a smooth manner. Being fearless would make this life boring, sorry prompt but I like it this way. I have a friend named fear that gives me challenges to overcome and to learn from. Apparently, it also stops us humans from committing crimes.

7 thoughts on “A friend not a Foe.

  1. Fear is also necessary to have for our survival. I can remember a time in my life I didn’t have any fear (three years old and under) and I did just about everything I wanted to do. However, I got spanked badly and that enforced fear in me!

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