Normal days.

Just Another Day: Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?


In the evening I head straight to my home and look forward to just relaxing but that is a small part of all that actually happens.

My most favourite daily ritual to the least:

  1. Having dinner with my family. The personal or just random conversations thereafter. They could be about relatives, neighbours, the world, or just space and aliens, but they sure are either intense or just too hilarious.
  2. getting ready for bed and finally being in the bed. The world may fall apart after that I would not care.
  3. Getting up in the morning and having to travel to work aka least favourite activity. While during my School days it was something I always looked forward to.

“Just another day” does sound boring but if you have an access to the world and its people then each day would bring new things to learn and I find that very enticing which makes me excited and that in turn takes away the boredom. Oh no, the melancholy stays hiding behind the good and following you like your shadow. After all it is just another day and that is how days are comprising of highs and lows.

By chance.

Quote Me: Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?


I don’t have one, I have many yet I don’t remember any. That is my first thought to the prompt. Anyway, I jogged my memory a little because I do not keep a book of my favourite quotes and I came up with this.

I just finished watching the sixth series of Downton Abbey. Let me just say that it has one of the best quotes/dialogues that I have heard in any TV show. And there is one quote in particular of many that has stuck to me.

“One is not given many chances in life and if you miss them they may not necessarily be repeated.” Lady Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess – Downton Abbey.


Simple and to the point!

So as they say,

Do not let any of “it” slip away.

And seize “it” while you can

for the chances of “it” being repeated are rare.



Life After Blogs.

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


These prompts leave such loop holes it is really funny.

What is life without a computer?

– Really?

In fact who needs a computer when we have all sorts of tabs and notes and laptops that are as flexible as gymnasts; bending and even breaking (detachable) into two to become handy. Not to mention the omnipresent phones that are supposedly smarter than us. Well when you are a machine and have to deal with only numbers and not emotions or physical exertion of any sort, you can sure be smart.

The actual question should be what would life be without internet? Well, the answer is same as to questions like; what if there is no running tap water or electricity for days or public transport?

There is no substitute to something that is a necessity and without it we would pretty much be handicapped. Mostly because many of us do not know any other way of life, while there are some golden oldies who might settle in eventually as they have seen it all before.

And, by any chance, if you have had any exposure to the simpler ways of life where humans communicate through voices and not just words and where people wake up at dawn to finish all chores before dusk, not being dependent on clean tap water but on natural sources and resources, where people grow and not just order online then, you would know that even though it might sound like camping, but is the most independent way of life.

If that is what I have to look forward to, honestly who cares computers or no computers.


My whole life…

My Favorite: What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.


I was born at my grandma’s home. We lived there for two long years until we moved into a new city. I love her, I adore her and I have even written a post about her being my personal hero.

But sadly really sad as it is, after those two years and for the last twenty years we could only visit my grandparents on a yearly basis and visiting is nothing like staying with someone. So my whole life I have been apart from my favourite person. I have not been able to/could not meet her in the last 365 days either.

Anyway I am looking forward to meeting her in March. And time moves on, it was made to fly but with that humans age which means I should spend more time with her and I want to but Life! I do not even want to say this but here it is… Hard-pressed under responsibilities who really has the time to do things they like?


What bores me?

Boredom bores me. There are activities that you could still avoid but some people and their long winded talks gosh nothing is as boring and irksome as a person trying to say the littlest there is in the most superfluous and redundant way. Like can you cut to the chase please!

Then there are people who share a plan or an idea with you, and I do not know if it is out of habit or if some people are really that forgetful, but they would repeat the entire monologue the next time they get hold of you and you have to act very enthusiastic even though it is round two… sometimes round three or even four.

Some folks won’t only tell you of the same old plan but would go on about the tiny changes that they find are very cool.  Like yay, Make your mind up already! And guess what? At times you are not even a part of that plan. Like really!?

Boring is supposed to be annoying right? I seem to mentioning things that are more annoying than boring but I suppose these would still top the list of boring things. In short slow bores me. Slow queues, slow traffics, slow internet, fickle minded fellows meaning slow people they are the worst. And imagine being led by such a person. It is one of my nightmares that seems to be coming true- it is torturous.

Patience is one thing but I have a low threshold for slow things I go from “oh no!” to “okay this has already begun” to the “no-way- to-run” stage. And then I am done for, the acting of being interested is the most excruciating part and then I really lose track of whatever is going on. Finally, I give up and that is what boring things make me do. They make me dislike them even more.



Too soon?

Finally, it is cold enough to be called winter and I am loving it. Oh I hate summer heat so it is very natural to love this weather and things that keep me warm, hot chocolate anyone?

With each passing day the talk of the town shifts from one thing to another. First it was the odd-even driving scheme and now that the scheme has been put to hold, the cold weather is all you hear people talk about.

This made me realise something. On a very personal level we have lives that are so intertwined – personal and work life, we are mostly lost in our thoughts, our world, and yet pay attention to the work that needs to be done. Now that sure is multitasking. And I suppose it is the way of this world.

How does one keep all thoughts aside and go on as if nothing else matters? I can be very obsessive of my thoughts and then having to juggle many other things and emotions, clearly it is not easy. People seem to not have such issues or perhaps they are way past all this. I refuse to get stuck to a rut and be robotic. I can not!

lately, I have been out of my element feeling like things are getting a little too mundane. That is the last thing anyone wants. I know nothing comes easy and I never expect it to but the world is so big and there is so much going on and some how if we all were liberated from having to fend for our own selves we could be doing a lot more of what really matters. I love my work but it is restrictive to my potential – oh, look at me being such a millennial!!

As a student I took it as a duty to just focus on building myself as an adult and now that I am here, waiting for the right moment to put myself to some actual use seems ridiculous yet I have not any other option.

One should fight life’s odds and stand for what they really believe in and as much as it looks good on paper it is neither easy nor easily manifested into reality. I came across “A Thousand Splendid Suns” (Thanks Kaaya for suggesting it). Oddly enough, the beginning of the book was really not something very new for me because we hear such things, if not see, quite frequently. One sad incident took place today as well – killing  of college students. So yeah we have heard of such brutalities against free-will of the women and general public.

Nevertheless, the mere thought of all this can shake one to the core. And while reading the book I reached a point where I felt Mariam’s emotions and I found that, it might seem like it, but she was not helpless by choice. She was stuck like we all are sometimes.

So should I call it fate? Was she helpless because of her fate? Now this is scary because If yes, then why should anyone bother doing anything!? The moment she felt like she has had enough and took matters into her own hands for the sake of the lives of her loved ones, it led to her being sentenced for her action, which was an action of defence really.

Thoughts are simple words that are easy but the emotions they carry are bigger and trying to decipher too much is exactly that… Too much! But then should we not? Does not being deep make it all normal? And I do not want normal while the depth could be never ending.

Hmm, now try to juggle these emotions! Too soon for all this? 


Unpopular: Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.


I do not believe in segregation of any kind, but then people are either good or bad. And you could go as far as you want to, in all the differentiation, I prefer not to. And when we say that something is popular, in a very inconspicuous way we proclaim that it indeed soon would become a norm. And anything that is the norm is clearly not cool enough, now is it?

Popular wardrobe choices, popular styles, popular food, popular music, popular this and pop that. We actually live in a world that follows pop culture, quite religiously. Nothing wrong in that, but then where is the fun mate!? Just to fit in one has to conform and one has to conform for the sake being relevant. Oh, did you see that? Something flew out the window? There goes the idea of being unique.

You can keep on trying to be you and with all honesty it is not going to be easy. A duck would always be a misfit amongst swans. But then they both are amazing and only a few understand that because if there’s a flock of swans with long white feathers everyone would paint/sketch them – the popular ones. Though there are some who would go feed the duck at least if not paint it on a canvas.

Cliques, now they are the best example. Being a student I know that some of them are purely a popular pupil’s group. What they do is what people want to do. What they wear is what people want to wear. What they eat is what people try to eat but is almost always abnormal in amount or origin so it does not really work out. But every glitter is thought to be gold in real world and so we all fall for the path of being popular.

That is where it goes wrong adapting and changing entirely are two different concepts, as long as you can keep the difference real you would stay real, otherwise you might end up questioning yourself – who are you?

I made an unpopular choice in friendships, people have told me so. They always thought I could be with the ones “tooting their own horns” but I hung out with the people I connected with. I chose friends that were not too showy but neither too dull or high all the time.  I would go as far as to saying what I have is the best and when you are with your kind of misfits. No one really is a misfit anymore. Everyone is different and everyone finds their way to their own little popular clique.

Who said that only plastics are popular. Geeks are too and so are jocks and so is everyone in every social strata, at school at least, because if not then why label something unpopular?




First is a first.

Oh, I was nominated for an award. If my German is correct this is a Liebster Award, as in a “dearest award” meaning “favourite” I presume. Cool!! I, very happily, accept it and Thank You Pardje for the nomination. There are lost of rules here, as follows:

Liebster Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the Award and have them answer 11 questions.
  6. Let the other bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
  7. Copy the rules into your post.

11 random facts about me:

I am not sure of random but facts about me (underlined):

I am actually an engineer and I have worked a lot in Biotechnology labs. Yes, by that I mean I have worked with DNA of plants and animals, bacterial cloning, enzyme production etc etc. It indeed is a very different world from all this.

But writing is my creative outlet besides painting and singing, more like singing along to my favourite musicians. Which brings me to the point that I adore artists. I fall in love with them (yes, that is random and very strange, I know).

I watch TV the way people read (check out the show The Honourable woman), totally engulfed and sometimes concentrating so much that I forget where I am. And that is what I like – escaping this strange world and its ways. I am a very quiet person at first but the most talkative once I am comfortable. 

I can cook and I try to be pretty self sufficient. I can be very social or totally shut down the world outside LOL! Not moody just trying to balance it out. I won’t say I have OCD but I do have an obsession for things to be in their place or right order etc.

I rarely get angry. I used to, but now I either let it go or get frustrated at first and then let it go. This is much easier than carrying useless baggage. I am not pretentious but I have to know it all. And I can be very blunt at times like they say honest to a fault. I am working on it.

11 Questions Answered:

  1. What’s your favorite song right now? I am into Snakeships – All my friends. But I am still singing along to Adele’s hello hahaha I am still in “hello mode”.
  2. Coffee, tea or …? Cold coffee and green tea.
  3. What’s something that can immediately cheer you up? Some one smiling because of me. Some being genuine.
  4. Are you a morning or an evening person? Depends on the need. Mostly, I am a habitual night owl.
  5. Favorite day of the week? Monday… Friday. Wait! a Holi”day” is my most favourite of all.
  6. Name one thing you taught yourself to do. Meditate, sit in silence and make yourself strong enough to deal with the world. Power lies in the one who has his head in the right place.
  7. What’s one thing you plan to tick off from your bucket list this year. I have not a bucket list but I definitely want to make it better in  terms of my job.
  8. Favorite way to relax. As I meditate almost everyday, my way of having fun while relaxing would be enjoying long family functions, with the whole joint family and all the crazy members. Oops! Don’t tell them I called ’em crazy.
  9. What do you like the most about yourself? My dreams of flying high but taking everyone along with me without changing my-real-self.
  10. What’s your favorite room in your house? Bedroom and wherever the Tv is.
  11. Favourite hobby? Listening. Be it stories, people’s thoughts, deep conversations, opinions, music, the nature, my surroundings and then creating – painting, writing, talking etc. from all that I have learnt.

Follow or lead?

New Sensation: Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.


The golden olden days of simplicity, I can recall a time of Polaroid pictures before all the selfies and duck faces became trendy. People used to dress up for comfort and mostly because they had a lot of work to do. There was some sort of physical work even for the white-collar workers. You can not walk kilo-meters in tight skinny jeans you’d need something a lot looser. Styles last longer as they are unique, but fashion fades away with seasons that is what I think.

Every place and occasion has its own dress-code. Some have been forced into the society and some are just a general idea of what to wear and when. Oh not to forget some are even based on cultural beliefs; some bare more than the others, some people just believe that colours and patterns are everything. We tend to come in the latter category. In India fashion might be influenced by the modernism but it still finds a way to be in touch with the nature; plants, animals etc.

I was one of the lucky ones (in my opinion) to have born before the HD era, as I like to call it, everything is supposed to be so immaculate these days. Guys have all sorts of hairstyles nowadays and while on one hand everyone is into bearded look with a gym-built body and slim fit clothes, I choose to stay unique. I keep a beard but the way I like it or when I feel like it. I can not do with too much hair – what a hassle!?  – And I am very lean so forget about clothes ever fitting tightly ha! I am me and that is my style.

I always ask myself should I follow the trends or should I be the odd one out? Being the odd one out lets me be the trend-setter (at least in my imagination). So like I said I was born before the HD era and what my parents bought was what I wore but my mum does say that I have always been very choosy which finally led them to let me buy my own stuff. And even when, at times, they did not like what I chose to wear they finally accepted it as my habit of trying to stand out. So yeah I have always had it my own way which was never the trending thing.

School is easy here, you get a uniform it does not get simpler than that but in college, well, there you have to choose a look for yourself; either be the one who wears formals or casuals or pajamas or tees and pants, and I think I did good enough. But all the guys had such set hair with gels and pomades and what not. I never used any such chemicals and still have to deal with my straight hair falling on my forehead all the time.

I have never shied away from trying colours though. I am the one who could wear a yellow shirt one day, a blue jacket the next day or just stick to the plain old black and grey. But that is all about the recent times and being here in the city. As I belong to the northern hills (sounds like a place from some story) I belong to a very traditional and culturally deep state/city. There we have the usual Indian attire, which nowadays is only seen during family-functions in the cities, but is very common to see people wearing them all the time in those hilly-villages or any non-city area for that matter. I have worn such clothes a mere two or three times.


Left pic -Nice view of the lake and me being me with my thoughts.       Right pic – me again, too much sun, but the sculptures behind me are a good example of traditional attire of farmers of the northern planes. It was my first time visiting this place so I did act like a tourist 😛

So you see east meets west in the above picture, as far as the clothes are concerned, there are lots of choices and they are ever so evolving. Stylish! or Fashionable? But actually, to follow or to lead is the real question!





In hindsight.

Stroke of Midnight: Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?


I like to count it down at home with my family and on phone with friends, my favourite way to celebrate the New Year. Some of you won’t believe that, we do not have a holiday (except in Schools and Colleges) on 31st Dec let alone on 1st of Jan. I had to run from office a little early on 31st and take a leave on the 1st day of the year LOL. What a start! How in the world can someone sit an entire day at office after being awake till 3am the previous night? It is possible but not a necessity so why bother.

After reaching home I helped mum make Gulab Jamuns which turned out way too good. It is fun to make your own sweet dishes so we made few others as well. You could call it a tradition that we have, to eat something sweet at the stroke of twelve. It is supposed to keep you “sweet” round the year. It is kind of sweet isn’t it?

May 2016 be kind to the world, we all are in dire need of some sort of miracle to tone down the hatred and cruelty to bring love back. Also nature is getting pretty angry, quiet evidently, 2015 rocked the Himalayas and our coastal areas were not spared either. Times of distress but every one helped each other and things started getting back on track. Wounds take their time to heal but with support at least the time passes smoothly.

Talk about time flying by, feels like not long ago I was celebrating the arrival of 2015. Oh maybe it is just my vivid memory, but I remember things pretty clearly. Just because I remember it all so well does not mean that my past year was uneventful. It brought with it tides of change that literally kept hitting me one after the other.

January went quietly and I faced a few setbacks.February was all too good with my cousin’s wedding but March brought only bad news. April got us another happy occasion not to mention the tremors that shook us one after the other. And May was just too hot so was June. Well, July was the same but at least It got me my first job. August did not bring monsoon and September joined in. October did not know it was fall and suddenly it was Diwali (in November). And can you believe December, Christmas and New year’s eve, were like this past week. Wow! winter is almost gone.

There were devastating times and some amazing times but all in all I am going to box up the memories of 2015 with a label that reads Bleh!! It got really annoying, after all it was my first time in the real world post-school and Uni. On the bright side, I have found new strengths in me that I never knew I had. At times, I had to fake my smiles and hide my anger but I think if you keep pushing the boundaries, that you defined yourself in the first place, there won’t be any boundaries. And at the end you learn to be genuinely happy. Not meaning that you start putting up with other’s idiocy but simply let them be.

People and things do not change before it is their time so we should change instead. Forgive, do not forget and find the peace within. Happy 2016 lovely people!

Now, I am gonna go and amuse myself with the coffee-break discussions on the new odd-even driving plan that just got implemented. The talk of the town I tell you.