Follow or lead?

New Sensation: Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.


The golden olden days of simplicity, I can recall a time of Polaroid pictures before all the selfies and duck faces became trendy. People used to dress up for comfort and mostly because they had a lot of work to do. There was some sort of physical work even for the white-collar workers. You can not walk kilo-meters in tight skinny jeans you’d need something a lot looser. Styles last longer as they are unique, but fashion fades away with seasons that is what I think.

Every place and occasion has its own dress-code. Some have been forced into the society and some are just a general idea of what to wear and when. Oh not to forget some are even based on cultural beliefs; some bare more than the others, some people just believe that colours and patterns are everything. We tend to come in the latter category. In India fashion might be influenced by the modernism but it still finds a way to be in touch with the nature; plants, animals etc.

I was one of the lucky ones (in my opinion) to have born before the HD era, as I like to call it, everything is supposed to be so immaculate these days. Guys have all sorts of hairstyles nowadays and while on one hand everyone is into bearded look with a gym-built body and slim fit clothes, I choose to stay unique. I keep a beard but the way I like it or when I feel like it. I can not do with too much hair – what a hassle!?  – And I am very lean so forget about clothes ever fitting tightly ha! I am me and that is my style.

I always ask myself should I follow the trends or should I be the odd one out? Being the odd one out lets me be the trend-setter (at least in my imagination). So like I said I was born before the HD era and what my parents bought was what I wore but my mum does say that I have always been very choosy which finally led them to let me buy my own stuff. And even when, at times, they did not like what I chose to wear they finally accepted it as my habit of trying to stand out. So yeah I have always had it my own way which was never the trending thing.

School is easy here, you get a uniform it does not get simpler than that but in college, well, there you have to choose a look for yourself; either be the one who wears formals or casuals or pajamas or tees and pants, and I think I did good enough. But all the guys had such set hair with gels and pomades and what not. I never used any such chemicals and still have to deal with my straight hair falling on my forehead all the time.

I have never shied away from trying colours though. I am the one who could wear a yellow shirt one day, a blue jacket the next day or just stick to the plain old black and grey. But that is all about the recent times and being here in the city. As I belong to the northern hills (sounds like a place from some story) I belong to a very traditional and culturally deep state/city. There we have the usual Indian attire, which nowadays is only seen during family-functions in the cities, but is very common to see people wearing them all the time in those hilly-villages or any non-city area for that matter. I have worn such clothes a mere two or three times.


Left pic -Nice view of the lake and me being me with my thoughts.       Right pic – me again, too much sun, but the sculptures behind me are a good example of traditional attire of farmers of the northern planes. It was my first time visiting this place so I did act like a tourist 😛

So you see east meets west in the above picture, as far as the clothes are concerned, there are lots of choices and they are ever so evolving. Stylish! or Fashionable? But actually, to follow or to lead is the real question!





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