First is a first.

Oh, I was nominated for an award. If my German is correct this is a Liebster Award, as in a “dearest award” meaning “favourite” I presume. Cool!! I, very happily, accept it and Thank You Pardje for the nomination. There are lost of rules here, as follows:

Liebster Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the Award and have them answer 11 questions.
  6. Let the other bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
  7. Copy the rules into your post.

11 random facts about me:

I am not sure of random but facts about me (underlined):

I am actually an engineer and I have worked a lot in Biotechnology labs. Yes, by that I mean I have worked with DNA of plants and animals, bacterial cloning, enzyme production etc etc. It indeed is a very different world from all this.

But writing is my creative outlet besides painting and singing, more like singing along to my favourite musicians. Which brings me to the point that I adore artists. I fall in love with them (yes, that is random and very strange, I know).

I watch TV the way people read (check out the show The Honourable woman), totally engulfed and sometimes concentrating so much that I forget where I am. And that is what I like – escaping this strange world and its ways. I am a very quiet person at first but the most talkative once I am comfortable. 

I can cook and I try to be pretty self sufficient. I can be very social or totally shut down the world outside LOL! Not moody just trying to balance it out. I won’t say I have OCD but I do have an obsession for things to be in their place or right order etc.

I rarely get angry. I used to, but now I either let it go or get frustrated at first and then let it go. This is much easier than carrying useless baggage. I am not pretentious but I have to know it all. And I can be very blunt at times like they say honest to a fault. I am working on it.

11 Questions Answered:

  1. What’s your favorite song right now? I am into Snakeships – All my friends. But I am still singing along to Adele’s hello hahaha I am still in “hello mode”.
  2. Coffee, tea or …? Cold coffee and green tea.
  3. What’s something that can immediately cheer you up? Some one smiling because of me. Some being genuine.
  4. Are you a morning or an evening person? Depends on the need. Mostly, I am a habitual night owl.
  5. Favorite day of the week? Monday… Friday. Wait! a Holi”day” is my most favourite of all.
  6. Name one thing you taught yourself to do. Meditate, sit in silence and make yourself strong enough to deal with the world. Power lies in the one who has his head in the right place.
  7. What’s one thing you plan to tick off from your bucket list this year. I have not a bucket list but I definitely want to make it better in  terms of my job.
  8. Favorite way to relax. As I meditate almost everyday, my way of having fun while relaxing would be enjoying long family functions, with the whole joint family and all the crazy members. Oops! Don’t tell them I called ’em crazy.
  9. What do you like the most about yourself? My dreams of flying high but taking everyone along with me without changing my-real-self.
  10. What’s your favorite room in your house? Bedroom and wherever the Tv is.
  11. Favourite hobby? Listening. Be it stories, people’s thoughts, deep conversations, opinions, music, the nature, my surroundings and then creating – painting, writing, talking etc. from all that I have learnt.