Unpopular: Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.


I do not believe in segregation of any kind, but then people are either good or bad. And you could go as far as you want to, in all the differentiation, I prefer not to. And when we say that something is popular, in a very inconspicuous way we proclaim that it indeed soon would become a norm. And anything that is the norm is clearly not cool enough, now is it?

Popular wardrobe choices, popular styles, popular food, popular music, popular this and pop that. We actually live in a world that follows pop culture, quite religiously. Nothing wrong in that, but then where is the fun mate!? Just to fit in one has to conform and one has to conform for the sake being relevant. Oh, did you see that? Something flew out the window? There goes the idea of being unique.

You can keep on trying to be you and with all honesty it is not going to be easy. A duck would always be a misfit amongst swans. But then they both are amazing and only a few understand that because if there’s a flock of swans with long white feathers everyone would paint/sketch them – the popular ones. Though there are some who would go feed the duck at least if not paint it on a canvas.

Cliques, now they are the best example. Being a student I know that some of them are purely a popular pupil’s group. What they do is what people want to do. What they wear is what people want to wear. What they eat is what people try to eat but is almost always abnormal in amount or origin so it does not really work out. But every glitter is thought to be gold in real world and so we all fall for the path of being popular.

That is where it goes wrong adapting and changing entirely are two different concepts, as long as you can keep the difference real you would stay real, otherwise you might end up questioning yourself – who are you?

I made an unpopular choice in friendships, people have told me so. They always thought I could be with the ones “tooting their own horns” but I hung out with the people I connected with. I chose friends that were not too showy but neither too dull or high all the time.  I would go as far as to saying what I have is the best and when you are with your kind of misfits. No one really is a misfit anymore. Everyone is different and everyone finds their way to their own little popular clique.

Who said that only plastics are popular. Geeks are too and so are jocks and so is everyone in every social strata, at school at least, because if not then why label something unpopular?