Too soon?

Finally, it is cold enough to be called winter and I am loving it. Oh I hate summer heat so it is very natural to love this weather and things that keep me warm, hot chocolate anyone?

With each passing day the talk of the town shifts from one thing to another. First it was the odd-even driving scheme and now that the scheme has been put to hold, the cold weather is all you hear people talk about.

This made me realise something. On a very personal level we have lives that are so intertwined – personal and work life, we are mostly lost in our thoughts, our world, and yet pay attention to the work that needs to be done. Now that sure is multitasking. And I suppose it is the way of this world.

How does one keep all thoughts aside and go on as if nothing else matters? I can be very obsessive of my thoughts and then having to juggle many other things and emotions, clearly it is not easy. People seem to not have such issues or perhaps they are way past all this. I refuse to get stuck to a rut and be robotic. I can not!

lately, I have been out of my element feeling like things are getting a little too mundane. That is the last thing anyone wants. I know nothing comes easy and I never expect it to but the world is so big and there is so much going on and some how if we all were liberated from having to fend for our own selves we could be doing a lot more of what really matters. I love my work but it is restrictive to my potential – oh, look at me being such a millennial!!

As a student I took it as a duty to just focus on building myself as an adult and now that I am here, waiting for the right moment to put myself to some actual use seems ridiculous yet I have not any other option.

One should fight life’s odds and stand for what they really believe in and as much as it looks good on paper it is neither easy nor easily manifested into reality. I came across “A Thousand Splendid Suns” (Thanks Kaaya for suggesting it). Oddly enough, the beginning of the book was really not something very new for me because we hear such things, if not see, quite frequently. One sad incident took place today as well – killing  of college students. So yeah we have heard of such brutalities against free-will of the women and general public.

Nevertheless, the mere thought of all this can shake one to the core. And while reading the book I reached a point where I felt Mariam’s emotions and I found that, it might seem like it, but she was not helpless by choice. She was stuck like we all are sometimes.

So should I call it fate? Was she helpless because of her fate? Now this is scary because If yes, then why should anyone bother doing anything!? The moment she felt like she has had enough and took matters into her own hands for the sake of the lives of her loved ones, it led to her being sentenced for her action, which was an action of defence really.

Thoughts are simple words that are easy but the emotions they carry are bigger and trying to decipher too much is exactly that… Too much! But then should we not? Does not being deep make it all normal? And I do not want normal while the depth could be never ending.

Hmm, now try to juggle these emotions! Too soon for all this? 

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