What bores me?

Boredom bores me. There are activities that you could still avoid but some people and their long winded talks gosh nothing is as boring and irksome as a person trying to say the littlest there is in the most superfluous and redundant way. Like can you cut to the chase please!

Then there are people who share a plan or an idea with you, and I do not know if it is out of habit or if some people are really that forgetful, but they would repeat the entire monologue the next time they get hold of you and you have to act very enthusiastic even though it is round two… sometimes round three or even four.

Some folks won’t only tell you of the same old plan but would go on about the tiny changes that they find are very cool.  Like yay, Make your mind up already! And guess what? At times you are not even a part of that plan. Like really!?

Boring is supposed to be annoying right? I seem to mentioning things that are more annoying than boring but I suppose these would still top the list of boring things. In short slow bores me. Slow queues, slow traffics, slow internet, fickle minded fellows meaning slow people they are the worst. And imagine being led by such a person. It is one of my nightmares that seems to be coming true- it is torturous.

Patience is one thing but I have a low threshold for slow things I go from “oh no!” to “okay this has already begun” to the “no-way- to-run” stage. And then I am done for, the acting of being interested is the most excruciating part and then I really lose track of whatever is going on. Finally, I give up and that is what boring things make me do. They make me dislike them even more.