Life After Blogs.

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


These prompts leave such loop holes it is really funny.

What is life without a computer?

– Really?

In fact who needs a computer when we have all sorts of tabs and notes and laptops that are as flexible as gymnasts; bending and even breaking (detachable) into two to become handy. Not to mention the omnipresent phones that are supposedly smarter than us. Well when you are a machine and have to deal with only numbers and not emotions or physical exertion of any sort, you can sure be smart.

The actual question should be what would life be without internet? Well, the answer is same as to questions like; what if there is no running tap water or electricity for days or public transport?

There is no substitute to something that is a necessity and without it we would pretty much be handicapped. Mostly because many of us do not know any other way of life, while there are some golden oldies who might settle in eventually as they have seen it all before.

And, by any chance, if you have had any exposure to the simpler ways of life where humans communicate through voices and not just words and where people wake up at dawn to finish all chores before dusk, not being dependent on clean tap water but on natural sources and resources, where people grow and not just order online then, you would know that even though it might sound like camping, but is the most independent way of life.

If that is what I have to look forward to, honestly who cares computers or no computers.


4 thoughts on “Life After Blogs.

  1. I agree with you that sometimes it feels the prompts ask the wrong questions.However it is good then we can have our own individual take on the prompt and I like your interpretation of the prompt.

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