By chance.

Quote Me: Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?


I don’t have one, I have many yet I don’t remember any. That is my first thought to the prompt. Anyway, I jogged my memory a little because I do not keep a book of my favourite quotes and I came up with this.

I just finished watching the sixth series of Downton Abbey. Let me just say that it has one of the best quotes/dialogues that I have heard in any TV show. And there is one quote in particular of many that has stuck to me.

“One is not given many chances in life and if you miss them they may not necessarily be repeated.” Lady Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess – Downton Abbey.


Simple and to the point!

So as they say,

Do not let any of “it” slip away.

And seize “it” while you can

for the chances of “it” being repeated are rare.



2 thoughts on “By chance.

  1. Downton Abbey is one of the few TV series I watch, although on DVD. We have them all. I was a little disappointed by the last one in the series as there were a few loose ends not tied, although it was quite good. We then discovered there was a special Christmas final to tie it all up and so we ordered the DVD. Have not yet watched it. Maggie Smith is perfect in the role of the Dowager, her english is a perfectly pronounced, better than mine. A real english lady.

    • Yeah the 5th series did leave loose ends but the 2 hour Christmas special sums it all up with some plot-twists that were pretty much expected.

      I would totally agree Maggie Smith was amazing in harry potter but this is an entirely different role and she plays it perfectly – just Class apart!! And her English only makes it all so real.

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