It’s a secret.

Evasive Action: What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?


I have never kept a “real” secret until now and if I tell you about it then it won’t be a secret anymore. Anyway it is one of those situations where your friend tells you something and you instantly ask them if anyone else knows too, but it turns out that they trust you with their life, while on one hand it is beautiful on the other you are given a power of sorts. I mean carrying this information which could make or break this person definitely gives one leverage over the other.

Gosh now that I think of it, this is how blackmails work. I think I finally understand how that works. But honestly it is friendship we are talking about. I am not putting that secret out here on an anonymous blog telling it to someone is nearly impossible. And yes it is a very very important piece of information that in first place is not at all mine to share.

How amazing it is to be the first one to know about something so significant that affects everyone linked to that person and you are the only one being chosen as “the one who knows”. I guess it is a good coping mechanism. I mean my friend got to share her feelings, at least she could vent it out to someone, and that must have felt like a load got lifted of her chest. I can only imagine how very light and liberated it must have been for her. And as far as I am concerned secrets only bring friends closer and I am  not telling it to anyone.

Although, with each passing day I have a very strong urge to tell one of our mutual friends about it and that is hard. having to hold a secret is not so easy after all. Well being so busy with work does help. But imagine being able to tell a mutual friend and perhaps discuss the matter or gossip… I do not know. I will keep fighting the urge until I can.





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