People do not change.

Shape Up or Ship Out: Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.


Shape up or ship out? Well that leaves me with only one option then, lots of personalities will be shipped out because hardly does any person ever change. We are moulded into ourselves when we are young and once we cross the twenties it is more of learning the new and less of changing the old. I know that about myself, call it pride but I have picked up personality traits from the people that I admire and have made my own. So, I am not looking forward to being changed by every other person that I meet. It is an admirable characteristic to  be yourself and be confident but one has to be aware of their shortcomings too with that comes balance which is perfect otherwise it becomes borderline egoistic.

Sadly, it is kind of hard to find people with even an ounce of common sense or humbleness – I saw a young lad spit out his chewing-gum from the bridge onto the road below today while changing the transit metro-train so yeah people are that stupid. I left Uni like nineteen months ago and it has been a tough ride to find like-minded people. Oh it is not just the generation gap I think it is the difference in ideologies and perception. People come from different places like literally you can take a person out of a place but not that place out of the person. I can do with that. It is supposed be like that, everyone is supposed to be different I get it, but that person just spit his gum out in the open. How can someone be okay with that?

Personalities, according to psychology, always have a pattern so keep your eyes open and behave accordingly that is my way of dealing with it. Now shaping your behaviour is the most confusing part because well I see you, I am supposed to respect you as a human, I understand you but would you do the same. At least try? This is the kind of personality I abhor, those who just won’t try to empathise, just won’t accept anything new, those who just won’t see their own fault ever, those who are just too big to bow etc.

If I can be understanding why can’t be you? So here’s what I have to say to you.

Dear stubborn, know it all, narrow minded dude.

Hello from sanity, humanity and me. Just because I take a step or two down to save you some embarrassment do not take me for your ally. We are poles apart and do not make me show it you. My attitude is shaped by you so the sooner you understand this and become a little more open-minded, little less pretentious and take off those shades that block your vision you might see the reality and the real world, which is much bigger than you can fathom.

You might just see that you are the fool who thinks they can fool anybody. So keep your self consolation to yourself and mean the words you utter because it is about time you got your plans into actions or else they will just be plans trying to find their rightful place in the distant future.

Do not want to change? Then don’t but improve.


Not so perfect Insach.


Oh wait, the last para is for a different kind of personality but I am sure we all have encountered  those who only plan and plan and then change their plans and then plan again. Annoying! Time to ship out!!