I am proud of myself and more…

Pat on the Back: Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.


I admire anyone doing anything just being self indulgent in a way that they are not bothering others. Oh, how much fun it is to see people being busy because that just keeps them away from being all too free and we all know what people with free time do – not good things. So I am proud of like everyone that I know. A few just need to be mentioned.

I am proud of you Tonya, you literally made the right choices after college and I am so happy to see you grow the way you are growing. Go girl!! To be that proactive and taking matters in your own hands that you made such big professional changes for yourself. Amazing! Also, you are the sweetest person around and that just adds to your beauty.

I am proud of Mandy, Swats and Nisch my School friends. You guys chose the best routes for yourselves. Swats you moved to Dubai all alone, dude you made your dreams come true and you found love too – how stupendous!! Friends made in School are just something different it is a special bond. I mean they knew you in your preteens and still stuck around after all this time yeah it is a bond like no other.

Not to mention I am proud of my family for bearing me all these years and everything else. And that I grew up to be a fine young gentleman with a dash of crazy and lots of thoughts so I am not just proud, I am thankful and grateful for the experiences that made me. It was beautiful, it was at times distressing not to mention recently it was so crazy that I got my first grey hair at 23!!

First the stress then the worries of the future top it all up with busy work schedule requiring like four hours of travel being sleep deprived while working with lab-techs for something so serious like the diagnosis of Leukemia and the icing on this dung cake was the stomach infection that made me really sick and the constant pain from the idiocy that just randomly pops out of no where. If you want to know what I am talking about read on…

Story time: When people want something from the government, what do they do? Strikes and rallies and then some get violent to the point that they break a water canal, serving as the sole water supply to an entire city. Now, this city has nothing to do with this movement and yet has to suffer for four days with shortage of water and more. And after the damage has been done the people in power agree to the agitators’ demands. Okay if you were going to agree then why did you not do so before they went to this extent? I just can’t! It is beyond my understanding.

Oh well I am happy it is all past me now, the sickness and the rest – I was reminded of Harry Potter’s reference to Phoenix – It burns to ashes only to rise up again. Metaphorically speaking. All that happened, to me personally, has taught me only one thing; take it easy bro! Just be part of the flow. Going against the grain and worrying more than living is #useless (had to use the hashtag just to show some seriousness apparently it is a trendy thing, it supposed to get your message across).

So, deservedly I am proud of myself for looking up and taking it with a smile and not scowling.  They say do not make bad faces or else your face would freeze in that expression it indeed is true. Save yourself from the early aging. And yes the water supply is back to normal after four days, while the agitators not so much. There is no dearth of demonstrations and movements these days.