Hard work!

You know when is one fearless?

When they are stronger.

And when are you strong?

When you know you are complete.

But bear in mind this does not mean you do not have any flaws. We all do, but insecurities leave the day we decide it’s about time they left.

So in the very essence of being better the first step is to be healthier and what better way than to work out, right? And at times this hard work needs a bit of boost and that is what my friend wants to share with the world.

Be fearless, take your first step and please click the link below to know more about “The Workout Magazine” for a healthier lifestyle. It is not just about exercises it is a lot about the food. I might be posting more of these and your help would be very much appreciated. Just click!


Oh by all means do expect my random rants to be back next week. I am just on a break because it is Holi – and it is colourful and wet… yeah!




Well this an object. Actually a shell and is considered to be a lucky object.WP_20160309_002

So there is an object, cowry shell,  used mostly as a decorative item. And we have habit of labeling every other tree, animal and thing – living or non living as a thing of worship or auspicious or lucky or something. I used to find it foolish until I realised  that our ancestors have tricked us into respecting the environment and living in harmony with it by saying things like yous shall worship them or be doomed. Well I added the being doomed part but you get the idea.

Although some have forgotten the actual reason but the tradition of respecting things goes on even if it is just because of fear. You know like do not cut trees because you are supposed to worship them or use shells as decorative items because they’d bring luck and won’t effect the nature the way synthetic stuff does.


A smile on a child’s face and a smile on an old person. Look closer the eyes bring all the contrast.

A face of a thinker and a soul that is thought less. The eyes will show you the contrast.

An angry person hiding his frustration and a jolly fellow eager to meet his friends to share a good news. Again the eyes would let you on the whole contrast.

People with compassion and people too busy to care. One feeling sad the other just does not care. Their bodies might be still but their eyes will be in contrast.

The word contrast beings an image of an eye and only eyes can see the contrast in anything. Ironically they also show contrast. One just needs to pay attention it is all right in front “of” their eyes and actually “in” their eyes.


Et tu, Brute?

Longing for trust.


From then to now it has always been about one thing and that is trust. Something I just can’t have. To be very frank I have gone out my way to stand with people, you know, just because one should be there for others. Seriously I still have not stopped doing it. I seize any opportunity that I feel comfortable with just to help others.

I do not only try. That is not my way. I either do it or I do not but honestly most of the times I end up doing it – putting others before myself while helping them, you know, just because I think I should. Not that I want something out of it or that I am secretly expecting the Gods to reward me for my good deeds. I do not care if I am getting anything or nothing at all. I just have a bad habit of making myself available – all the time – every time.

And you know why I am calling it a bad habit is because I just won’t stop. Let alone being appreciated, no one ever tells you on your face that they do not need you or your presence or your help. Oh no, they will use all the free hands that they can get and would not even mind backbiting, backstabbing and worse yet coming back to you and acting like you are a fool who knows nothing about them or their words.

Even after experiencing it personally I continue like a shameless person lost in his own passion and compassion, being ridiculed time and again. It hurts and it is sad but ‘stupid’ people never change then why should I? I am different and that is my only explanation.

I have longed for trust and I still do because I have not met a single soul that I trust completely. Obviously you can exclude my family, but to have someone your age and someone who gets you and is also trustworthy, now that is like finding needle in a haystack – not impossible but is it worth going through all the trouble? The needle you found might just be another useless piece of metal.



‘D’o all that you can.

‘I’ will here forever stand

‘V’aliant as I am.

‘I’n the midst of your fanatic-wrath.

‘D’etermined to choose the right path.

‘E’agerly waiting for the day of your end.


That is what a soldier might think like. Just felt like saluting soldiers; protecting our lives by risking theirs. We owe a lot to them.

Even if someone tries really hard to divide us on the basis of a million things. We all should be hands in hands. This is are weapon because the enemy’s power is the ephemeral fear.


A little closer.

A little too far.

One that is unheard,

And as near as you are… is my secret.


A little deep.

A little un-clear.

One that is not yours,

Yet could bring you to tears… is my secret.


A little in the open.

A little under your nose.

One that hides in day-light,

And will be the ultimate blow… is my secret.


A small mistake.

A one time dare.

One that is within me,

And is ready to burst into a  flare… is my secret.


A lot of LOVE.

A LOT of guilt.

If, after it I could rebuild, I would share I won’t care.

But for now I’ll spare you the pain… of my secret.


That is what the one word prompts are bringing out of me – poems. Deep stuff though! Something different from these prompts 🙂