Well this an object. Actually a shell and is considered to be a lucky object.WP_20160309_002

So there is an object, cowry shell,  used mostly as a decorative item. And we have habit of labeling every other tree, animal and thing – living or non living as a thing of worship or auspicious or lucky or something. I used to find it foolish until I realised  that our ancestors have tricked us into respecting the environment and living in harmony with it by saying things like yous shall worship them or be doomed. Well I added the being doomed part but you get the idea.

Although some have forgotten the actual reason but the tradition of respecting things goes on even if it is just because of fear. You know like do not cut trees because you are supposed to worship them or use shells as decorative items because they’d bring luck and won’t effect the nature the way synthetic stuff does.


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