Okay festivals over, laziness aside… Actually, I had a lot of work in the office. Who knew I would be the one giving the new comers training? I have been working only for 10 months and that some how makes me eligible to be a trainer. They chose me perhaps because I’d click more with the newbies than the others or may be I am just being kept occupied. Either way it was mostly work work work… Oh, not as fun as the new Rihanna song but yeah work!

But who am I to complain when work takes me to places with views like in the picture above. Not to mention it was taken by a phone camera and from a fast moving train. So kudos to me it turned out pretty well.

I chose this picture in response to the one-word “repeated” prompt – CONTRAST!

Do you see it?

Going bottom to top, in the picture, it is a dry land and then green trees. Oh, how meticulously is the greenery hiding the dry tree, as if it were naked.  The leaves are so green and lush like the Spring and that tree in the middle is so out of place yet how very beautifully reaching into the sky.

Time to be deep. So, no matter who you are, where you are from and how ever out of place you might feel or seem. The sky is the limit!! Just look at the picture.


Click here for the older post: Contrast – the poem.

3 thoughts on “ConTrAst

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