Street to snakes.

Wow talk about being random. What a prompt really!?

Streets... I have changed so so many of them that I do not really want to get into all the details, but my favourite was the one that led to our third home. I was too young when I moved into the second house so I do not have any recollection of it let alone the streets, while the first home was/is in my hometown so those streets I know very well.

It was a house that was at the end of the “street” and so near to a beach that I vividly remember that, the light from the light house would cross our balcony every 2 minutes past seven o’ clock. What a nice child-hood memory to have!

Life was peaceful back then. Although, the struggles were real, living in a tropical climate down south meant having to deal with humidity and crazy rains and not just that but snakes. They were all over the place. Streets, bushes, back yards, wells, stairs, near the drainage pipe, hiding in the dark, out in the open. I am being serious about it.

Which reminds me of the time when I was playing with my friends and we were just running around playing chase. And you run like crazy when you play chase. You do not care about the dirt or the heat or the fact that you are playing near a pile of stones, not like a cairn but like a pile of construction material.

So, I was running to save myself from being chased (that is the game) and for that I recklessly just ran over the pile but never made to the bottom of it. There I was standing stunned and all my life flashed before my eyes (which did not take much time considering I was only five). So, pale and shocked as I were, only one thought crossed my head that, I almost stepped on this green green snake that passed like a centimeter away from my feet with the speed of the lightening.

Never did I ever again get that close to a snake but that does not mean it was the last time I saw one. There is another story of a snake that  almost entered into the toilet at my fourth house because the loo was out in the veranda. A neighbour declared it a drowsy water-snake, supposedly they are  not so poisonous but could have entered the drainage system and you know that would have made a nightmare come to reality. Snakes in your toilet! Even the thought of it gives the chills.

It does not end there, I saw many more and it was scary each time. I mean they are poisonous things after all. Fortunately, I never developed any fear of them. I rather find them fascinating, poor creatures attack only to defend themselves. It is sort of nature’s fault to have given them poison as their defence.

Oh well, I would still say animals attack when they are enraged. Humans on the other hand are the real unpredictable species. They can become very very toxic as well. And sadly there is no antidote for the poison some people spew. But just like with the snakes one can always try running away from them too.







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