Reminds of the song by Nickelback. Here is my take on the prompt.


Faraway is the other side.

Faraway is the thing that I never tried.

Faraway are all my travel plans.

The ones that involve foreign land


Faraway is my love.

Faraway are my fears.

Faraway I have ran from it all.

The things that can make me fall.


Faraway are the real thoughts.

Faraway are the real needs.

Faraway I have pushed the feelings.

To put others first, but me.


Faraway the word goes.

Faraway no one even knows.

Faraway is a hidden place.

Where… you can run and you hide as you please.


Faraway gets you solitude.

Faraway may give you peace.

Faraway you might find it.

And then

You might not be as faraway as it seemed.


Ah! my thoughts are hinting of existential crisis. More like what is even the use of what ever is being done? Everything seems useless and hopeless and all you can do is let go and hold on… See that is what I mean how can you do that at the same time – let go and hold on! Faraway sounds like a better idea.



3 thoughts on “Faraway.

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