Did YouTube change the look of its web-page?

Okay, see now this is tricky. You get used to things and people being in a certain way and suddenly things including people just change. Some changes are steady and slow while the others are just so drastic and abrupt, it is not only hard to keep up with but can get trickier. Oh well, change is the only way we evolve so no one can really avoid it.

When I was young I found it funny when people said things like I do not want to change my home or work place because they found it good there, knew their way all around the place etc. I never could relate to something like that. I found it not only easy but more of like a norm to move to a new place. The other way round was unusual for me. And as you grow up this could mess up with your head.

We never planned to stay for this long in our current place. For a while I could not wait to move out of this city as well but then things got too stable and so did I. I started connecting to people and now I have people I call my best friends and places that I refer to as my favourites and lanes that literally take me down the memory lane.

Wait is that not attachment? Wow when did this happen? It is quite a new feeling but a good one. It will be hard to move on this time. As expected it is always either a trick or a treat when it comes to life. For the treats of love get a trick of biding a farewell free free free!


One thought on “Tricky

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