A black cat and a white cat.

Once upon a time there was a black cat that was best friends with a white cat. They were neighbours and their families were really close too. One day they were playing with each other and they thought of wandering into the human world. Well, it was not too far away considering they lived in an alley so just a paw steps and cat-walk away there they were in the chaotic human empire.

As the story goes the whole nearby human population was astonished to see a cat as white as the clouds and as fluffy as cotton roaming around with a cat that was dark as a star-less night. It just seemed odd to the people and the black cat took a quick notice of how the humans were paying a lot of attention to the white cat and only a few looked at the marvelously black, shiny coat that the black cat had.

It was all mind boggling to the young cats as to why would humans differentiate them at all.. After all they came from a town of cats and they both were cats to the very core. It was not clear until the cats crossed a pedestrian’s way. That human saw the white cat cross his path first and did not even give a dime but the moment he noticed the black cat following the white and that “this” cat was also about to cross his path, he acted erratically and try to shoo it away.

This hurt the black cat a little but more so the white cat was unhappy for what had just happened with its friend. And so they both ran back to their town and told of the incident to the other cats and then an elder cat came in and clearly stated the reason for the man’s behaviour.

The young cats were astonished at what they had just heard. “Black cats bring bad luck but how?” “We were merely going are way”, they said.

“Oh, my children there is an old saying that, we might cross the path of a human but so do they”, said the elder cat.

“So what is this… A blame game?”, said the young ones.

“Yes, my children. Not just humans we all have a habit of finding a reason for everything that happens to us. Good or bad, who cares? It is always something or someone’s doing”, said the old wise white cat with the black  spots.

So the moral of the story is it is all in your perception. Carry a negative thought, meet with an accident… Blame your thoughts not the things that you associate your thoughts with. The number of superstitions and the variety in them all over the world is mind blowing but I think this – black cat brings bad luck – is a standard superstition, quite famous it is. But let’s listen to the wise elder cat and just go about our day and stop reasoning everything out.




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