Newspaper more like “bad-news” paper. It is suggested and scientifically supported theory that, one should not read the news-paper first thing in the morning. We should fill our selves with compassionate and positive thoughts instead. Makes sense what is newspaper filled with anyway? Tinseltown’s gossip and all the bad in the world. I just relaised that it is only the editor’s page and sports news that is like untainted the rest is just bad or spicy news or plain statements that have been twisted to add fuel to any fire that is ongoing.

Many a times there is paid news and the science section is quite fascinating but then again not as spicy as the “who wore it better” section? Ah! carry a smart phone, use a WiFi, check out the news on the go and better not feed your brain with it. Not that it is wrong to read papers line to line, but not my thing I guess. I would rather read the caricatures or something on antisense technology.

Newspapers do help in starting a conversation, at times a debate, but sometimes an argument as well. So everything is good in moderation and the same applies to papers.

One thought on “Newspaper

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