Closet is just an enclosed place isn’t it?

When I was young we would keep our clothes in a closet. Actually we still do. As I grew older I got to know that closets could be of various shapes and sizes. Some said they had spaces like that of an empty room. But the usage is still the same. Keep something, store something or just play hide and seek and find yourself in the world of Narnia.

Anyhow, the point was to store not to hide. Oh, but if we go by the age old stories of love affairs, the immediate choice in any film to hide the boy in case some one from the girl’s family barges into her room, is under the bed or the bathroom but you know out of courtesy no one would ever open some one else’s closet. They might check the loo or under the bed but never closet.

So people hid stuff or other people in their closet and soon they started hiding their true selves in the closet. What a convenient place isn’t it?

The safety of your house, coupled with the safety of your room with the double safety of your closet. Hmmm, is that the right? Is that why they say someone was in the closet? As in they were hidden (or hiding something) in their own way in their own place. What ever it might be. At the end it is their house, their room, their closet. Lets leave it be! Why push anyone out of their Narnia?

I had no idea where to take this prompt. Somehow here I am preaching like always 😛



One thought on “Closet

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