Fake nails.

Fake hair.

Fake face.

Fake laughter.

Fake heart.

Fake soul. Well, that can not be fake though… lost maybe but not fake.

Fake behaviour.

Fake relations.

Fake promises.

Fake statements.

Fake people.

Fake world!!

Not to sound depressing but look around you. The trees are brown and leaves are green and sheep are sheep and wolves are wolves, but when you are a human there opens up a possibility of you being a  wolf in a sheep’s skin. So, that is fake.

If you feel that I am wrong then can you think of the last time you did not find some one being nice as a suspicious thing? Ha! it is easier to believe that someone is not good because fake fake all around not genuine soul to be seen.

But what about loved ones? Well they might not be fake but the fact that those relations are short lived and prone to having a sad ending just makes the whole journey seem useless and fake. It is as if we do whatever we do because we do not know what else to do – Filling our time with activities that have dead lines. Oh gosh this reminds me of the seven stages of life, the poem, “All world’s a stage”.

Wait a second! stage, means acting and acting is fake so it seems I have been right all along. William Shakespeare figured it out a long long time ago.



7 thoughts on “Fake.

  1. I’m curious about how old you are and hoping it is just the stage of life you are at that you find yourself so surrounded by fakeness. I don’t find the same to be true and trying to think at what stage in my life it may have been more true. I think when we are young, we are all trying to find our identities and so in trying out different ones may seem to be fake. Or, in our careers it is sometimes necessary to seem to be what we are not. I think the day-to-day world in general (outside of politics, big business and the social-climbing sectors) is weighted on the side of genuineness.

    • I am 23 and I totally agree with you there is genuineness, but only in our personal circle, outside of which are people trying to identify themselves and in that perhaps trying out more than just a few personality patterns. Just to find out the one that is really going to work in the long run. Moreover, talking from a personal experience I have seen people behave as best of friends and still be jealous of the so called friend and their success. Yeah does sound like an immature thing but this generation is quite good at moving on.

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  3. Pingback: NaPoWriMo – Day 19 – “How To Write A ‘How To’ List” by David Ellis | toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

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