Glide or Slide

The word not used to define life is smooth.

The word that can not define relationships is smooth.

The awkwardness is never smooth.

The binge-eating/watching/reading never leads to a smooth mood.

The running up is not smooth.

The falling down is not smooth.

Transitions can never be smooth.

Work… Smooth?!? Never!

Systems, rules, things to make us fools – NOT SMOOTH.


If you expect something and you get something else – it is not going to be smooth. Every move meets with friction – walk, run, ride, communicate etc. It is only when something flies it can pass smoothly. To fly means to be light and that means getting rid of the burden – overwhelming feelings and emotions, desires and expectations, wants and cravings. Only the lighter goes farther. What a nice word is smooth and how delicious are smoothies!? My point… gliding or sliding is better than meeting with speed-bumps.