“Your admiration runs deeper?”

It is only of your making,

The qualities are in your head.

All I see are scars,

A broken arrow through heart.

It is dirty, it is malign.

Keep away or it might kill.

What do you seek from it?

Get it, do not be so still.

For the beholder has spoken,

He seeks nothing…

But a moment of revelation…

Of things beyond the forsaken.

Oh, if you could feel..

The mesmerising depth

The strong will…

That has me enchanted.

The arrow is broken.

That is what it shows.

The heart is alive.

That is all she owns.

Ugly is what is hidden.

Beauty is out in the open.

It has me emboldened

To restore, to mend the fallen.

No one sees what you see.

To like things this way,

To find beauty every where,

There must be good in thee.

“Your admiration runs deeper, indeed!”


So geht das

The title is actually a name of the German book series for children learning German as a foreign language. Children – the young version of humans. To be honest I see them as very pure and unaware beings. Okay, hold your horses I do not mean it in a bad way. Ignorance is after all a bliss. Do you not envy that? For them it is like what is not broken need not be fixed and what is not known has no effect. That makes one reckless or should I say unstoppable!

Oh man we do not grown up we just fall in a pit of thoughts. This, that, something else, I mean there are people who live being so cut off from the world – in their own world – they are better off than those who want to be updated about everything and everyone. So much to keep up with! And then there is meaningful, relevant and the irrelevant aspect to these updates. In all the updates what we learn is a lot more than we should know or could have known. It works both ways.

We think nothing effects us. As adults that is where we are wrong. We are curious and curiosity might have killed the cat but a little knowledge won’t hurt me. It takes one thought to bring up an emotion. We cry watching movies, reading books because we feel them and yet somehow we like to think that nothing really effects us. Wrong… It does! And not just the sensitive ones but everyone – brain works the same way in all of us. It wil store and it will remind you. Every bit of it, every thing we hear, think, see or say is not as much of our making au contraire it is the reflection of what we have been feeding the head with.

So, a little ignorance not in our responsibilities but in being updated can save us from negativity, the frequent sadness, and fear. The forces that stop us never of a positive origin they come from a deep sitting experience or in a similar fashion from our surroundings. It does not mean that we dump the news papers it just means read to know not lo learn because un-learning it is not easy.

Like a child who could be emotionally scarred or mentally disturbed even in a little bit of  upheaval, why do we not treat ourselves like that and stay  away from all the shite. “Who would be the adult then?” Really if that is the argument then lets count the number of adults who can not fathom basic things that children seem to not only fathom but also accomplish with being their tiny selves.

Children – they fall, they cry, they dust off, they do not dwell upon it, they just carry on…It is all about being real, being free and that is in itself being unstoppable. For them “so ghet das….” (so it goes…/that is how it goes…).



Well, to begin with one of the cause of crisis is in crISIS itself, it is quiet conspicuous. The world is in so many crises where can one even begin? I would talk of what is in our control. The emotional, mental, physical crisis.

It is no news that, when we are at our best, the things we do are the best and that is exactly how one becomes useful. Do not own an NGO? No big deal! Can not collect enough for charity? No big deal. But not having time for yourself? Not really your fault.

Even though it is not our fault, not being able to take care of our own self would mean not being able to give. And that is sad. That is the real crisis. Like the old age saying goes charity begins at home. Home meaning people living in it, and that would be me?!

Like these sayings, thoughts, proverbs etc… we know lot, but how much of it are we really using? How much do we really remember? How much do we really apply? Not much, not until a breakdown do we have an “oh snap!” moment that brings sense to the whole drama or sometimes a charade. Procrastination can work every where else but not on the body. It is a state of crisis, not being able to give time, money, love, encouragement, happiness, bliss to our own self.

It is a crisis to be living in past, to be living in future and wasting the present. It is a crisis to give time to everything but to yourself. Letting loose is not a luxury, should not be! It is nature and nature is not wrong. Until you love yourself you can not love anyone else – that is a serious crisis.

Talk about love and there are people with true love and some with a series of bad relationships. It is not the victim’s fault that they get cheated on. But can one be that negligent and unaware of their partner that they did not see it coming? Honestly, no one is. It is just the fear of being rejected, being lonely that holds them back not negligence. In a way investing in such a relationship is like deceiving yourself. It is never easy, but won’t it help to hit the eject button now than on a later stage.

I mean, when ever you know or feel it – allow yourself to be at peace and give it up immediately. Toxin is good for nothing. There is no need to go through the emotional, mental and at times physical pain. What ever the state, which ever the crisis, love your self and be your self. That is what we have been taught and that is what we need to remember.

Crises always erupt where there is lack of love and compassion.


There is No place like home – your own place, your sanctuary. Lets stop the felling of trees and exploitation of natural resources so that our fellow earthlings. Can I call them that? I mean that way animals can live happily too.

Imagine one day the trees enter our homes and take all our furniture because, we took it form them in the first place and that too without asking. One thing industrialisation brings is the pollution and it is the worst. Is it worth the development? Should it even be termed development if it is not sustainable?

But there are pristine places far away from the chaos of cities, chaos is bearable, the pollution is just deadly.


This is the most favourite shot of mine. I mean look at that tree. It just called to me.             Let it talk to you too. Oh the blue sky and the silhouette – just wow!



Above the clouds it is clearer!

Just some shots I took from a moving vehicle while I was going to my cousins wedding. Hometown… Oh, how I miss it 🙂

Carefree, really?

Be carefree not careless. Be any of these and people around you would question if something is different about you or whether you are alright or gone cuckoo?

Why is it that if some one is smiling, it is either plain weird/creepy or with a reason? Why is it that seeing someone lost in thoughts is much more natural to us and seemingly normal? By the way what is normal?

We have reached a point where definitions are so important, reasons are so important, labels are so important. Needless to say that we keep on finding and sometimes creating things and the next step is to “name” it. We are happy with the knowledge of whatever we find or make but it needs a name.

Something apt! How do we conclude what is appropriate? How do we reach to that label, that name? It is by definitions, by that thing’s supposed roles or functions. At least that is what is being done.

As I see it when we label, we label the outcome not the “actor”, more like we label the actor according to the action. That might make sense but is it fair? A knife is used to cut because we think that is its sole action. Even though we could use the same knife as a screw driver and what not. At the core, it is just metal and sometimes plastic. It could be used for many other purposes. Creativity is the word I am looking for.  Creativity is boundless and labels are mere boundaries.

Creativity requires us to think out of the box, out of those boundaries. And thinking beyond the “what is”… requires imagination which requires a free mind. And sadly ours is never care-free. It is careful. It is its duty to be aware and just because of this definition we forget that, roles are DEFINED and definitions need not be fixed.

Just like with the knife, with our acquired habit, we label, we define. And what is being defined exactly? The function and the role not the actor. So, by my definitions this norm of being lost in thoughts and in worries is not and should not be the definition of a being.

Definitions do not define anything or may be they define just that one attribute of many others. So lets be more. And being carefree is a good place to start from. Takes away the usual careful and careless.


Feast and Fast

Yes, one should feast and fast on a regular basis but always in moderation. Like they say, “eat half, walk double and laugh triple” – Chinese proverb.

Feast your eyes on this and perhaps your palate too, depending on whether you like it spicy or not…


A south Indian spread. Not even a spread it just one of the most famous breakfast, lunch, dinner – one in all- dish. Yup, it looks like crepe, it is made just/almost like a crepe but it is very very savoury and has varieties in terms of its shape (one variety is called rocket.. so), size, taste, texture and the choices of the accompanying chutneys.

For those who would like to know more about it: it’s called Dosa.

Clockwise form the right..

Sambar – It is a lentil/vegetables etc. etc. soup/broth.

A coconut spice-filled chutney.

Ginger, garlic, tomato – chutney.

Oh, the ever so famous pommes frites. These are just the western guests in this menu.

A tamarind sweet/spicy chutney.

Finally a bit more of the heat; mint and green chilly chutney.

Okay, I admit it we eat a lot of spices and chillies. This is one of the “spice over loaded” dish. And the spread is just for one person aren’t we  hearty eaters!?


Does it mean fragile? And can the in-tangible be fragile? We say someone’s of weak heart, do we mean weak of heart medically or weak of heart as coward or in general sensitive? Did we misuse the word weak or was it so obvious that humans are not humans without their in-tangible part.

So when we have known it all along and when we all are frail except for some who were cut out of stone, why hurt anyone in anyway?! One should treat others not as they would like to be treated but with love or they should just take a hike.


What we live is a lie.

What we feel is a lie.

What we experience is a lie.

Just because one day we die!?


What we have is not ours.

What we gave was not ours.

What we receive is not ours.

And we thought this life is?


What we understand is our fault.

What we do not get is our fault.

What we could have known is now lost.

Things heading our way could be false.


They think they are right.

I think I am, you think you are right.

Even though no one’s even aware of…

What’s not in the light.


All this might be true but we can not live every minute in realisation of the fact that we are indeed going to die. Taken in a positive way, we go out and live to the fullest and taken negatively, why put any efforts in anything when all of it is headed for THE dead end!

When you live, love and laugh do think of it as your last because the way things are killing has become a joke as if it’s a norm so do not let the dark clouds on your life bother you because NOW life really is uncertain, unpredictable. It’s not only nature that kills anymore, but anyone, anyway, anyhow can end someone else’s life. It is devastating to see what it all has come to!!

Living beings are supposed to live before they die. Some die on a daily basis carrying useless past hatred, pain and burdens (Let them go just let them…) And to those living out there be safe! The “Live” part of life is slipping out of hands or could be taken away. Is all that is left of life is to die?

My thoughts go out to everyone who have suffered or are suffering due to all the wrong happening around.

Like Glass!

It is sort of like glass just be careful unlike glass the reflections in this one can get distorted. Do you see yourself or someone you pretend to be? At least reflections won’t lie.


Just a lovely shot from my walk with me friends at a beautiful lake during sunset. Occasion – party for the new job. Hope this one becomes not just a learning but also an experience that gives me exposure. Anyway what a view 🙂

False and flawed.

Humans, we are no less than our animal counterparts.

Flawed in so many ways that various sets of people have simply made their minds to blindly follow ‘a’ false path of being “the perfect” human. Like I said no less than our animal counterparts! Only if we focussed on being human and humane than on the perfect aspect of it.

This idea of perfection varies among people and that brings them to their true-selves; animals. Ah! the world and its false ways have kept so many in the flawed system for so long that many of them do not even know what is right anymore. This goes for the very basic things like politics, race, gender, sexuality to the extremes like religion and power.

To prove right and to rise one must defend and not by putting others’ (ideologies) down or being offensive. But wait that is what animals do. Power goes to the strongest – and that is how some have forgotten that we, the so called intelligent species could make the difference just by being true to ourselves. It is getting messier out there.