Like the Phoenix

There is a fire starting in my heart

Reaching a fever pitch bringing me out the dark…

Oh wait that is not original!


Burning bridges is not a good idea.

To keep the demons away,

Don’t think twice,

Use the pilot light and burn it away.


Burning pictures is sad.

If they make you hate love,

Take the match,

And turn it to ash.


Burning in anger is not good.

Even for revenge.

It never sets you free,

Leaves you ablaze in a frenzy.


Burning in passion.

That is for lovers,

Lovers of all sorts.

Light it BURN!


Burning to destroy might be good.

If only for transformations,

Like coal turning to diamond.

Like the ever-evolving Phoenix.


Sometimes, for the new to sprout up, for the new to find its way to us, we have to move on and as hard as it is to let go, it is only more painful to bury it in your own soul and carry on. Only fire can burn and water can wash what can not be contained – things, people and feelings need not be tuned into a burden. So sometimes we must just let it burn for fresh starts.