What we live is a lie.

What we feel is a lie.

What we experience is a lie.

Just because one day we die!?


What we have is not ours.

What we gave was not ours.

What we receive is not ours.

And we thought this life is?


What we understand is our fault.

What we do not get is our fault.

What we could have known is now lost.

Things heading our way could be false.


They think they are right.

I think I am, you think you are right.

Even though no one’s even aware of…

What’s not in the light.


All this might be true but we can not live every minute in realisation of the fact that we are indeed going to die. Taken in a positive way, we go out and live to the fullest and taken negatively, why put any efforts in anything when all of it is headed for THE dead end!

When you live, love and laugh do think of it as your last because the way things are killing has become a joke as if it’s a norm so do not let the dark clouds on your life bother you because NOW life really is uncertain, unpredictable. It’s not only nature that kills anymore, but anyone, anyway, anyhow can end someone else’s life. It is devastating to see what it all has come to!!

Living beings are supposed to live before they die. Some die on a daily basis carrying useless past hatred, pain and burdens (Let them go just let them…) And to those living out there be safe! The “Live” part of life is slipping out of hands or could be taken away. Is all that is left of life is to die?

My thoughts go out to everyone who have suffered or are suffering due to all the wrong happening around.