Feast and Fast

Yes, one should feast and fast on a regular basis but always in moderation. Like they say, “eat half, walk double and laugh triple” – Chinese proverb.

Feast your eyes on this and perhaps your palate too, depending on whether you like it spicy or not…


A south Indian spread. Not even a spread it just one of the most famous breakfast, lunch, dinner – one in all- dish. Yup, it looks like crepe, it is made just/almost like a crepe but it is very very savoury and has varieties in terms of its shape (one variety is called rocket.. so), size, taste, texture and the choices of the accompanying chutneys.

For those who would like to know more about it: it’s called Dosa.

Clockwise form the right..

Sambar – It is a lentil/vegetables etc. etc. soup/broth.

A coconut spice-filled chutney.

Ginger, garlic, tomato – chutney.

Oh, the ever so famous pommes frites. These are just the western guests in this menu.

A tamarind sweet/spicy chutney.

Finally a bit more of the heat; mint and green chilly chutney.

Okay, I admit it we eat a lot of spices and chillies. This is one of the “spice over loaded” dish. And the spread is just for one person aren’t we  hearty eaters!?