Carefree, really?

Be carefree not careless. Be any of these and people around you would question if something is different about you or whether you are alright or gone cuckoo?

Why is it that if some one is smiling, it is either plain weird/creepy or with a reason? Why is it that seeing someone lost in thoughts is much more natural to us and seemingly normal? By the way what is normal?

We have reached a point where definitions are so important, reasons are so important, labels are so important. Needless to say that we keep on finding and sometimes creating things and the next step is to “name” it. We are happy with the knowledge of whatever we find or make but it needs a name.

Something apt! How do we conclude what is appropriate? How do we reach to that label, that name? It is by definitions, by that thing’s supposed roles or functions. At least that is what is being done.

As I see it when we label, we label the outcome not the “actor”, more like we label the actor according to the action. That might make sense but is it fair? A knife is used to cut because we think that is its sole action. Even though we could use the same knife as a screw driver and what not. At the core, it is just metal and sometimes plastic. It could be used for many other purposes. Creativity is the word I am looking for.  Creativity is boundless and labels are mere boundaries.

Creativity requires us to think out of the box, out of those boundaries. And thinking beyond the “what is”… requires imagination which requires a free mind. And sadly ours is never care-free. It is careful. It is its duty to be aware and just because of this definition we forget that, roles are DEFINED and definitions need not be fixed.

Just like with the knife, with our acquired habit, we label, we define. And what is being defined exactly? The function and the role not the actor. So, by my definitions this norm of being lost in thoughts and in worries is not and should not be the definition of a being.

Definitions do not define anything or may be they define just that one attribute of many others. So lets be more. And being carefree is a good place to start from. Takes away the usual careful and careless.