A little more…

To want something is quite natural. Although, what we feel and define as a need should be accurate, not everyone is aware of when they cross that thin line between the two and get all feelings confused.

Freedom in its very essence is a “need”, but the need to fly is a “want”. Humans can fly physically and emotionally; it could be achieved, but only by having a strong desire to do so. A craving, is it a need or just a habitual want?

Everyone craves freedom, actually rephrasing it…. Every one needs freedom. With “needs” there is no desire for more. On the other hand with wants the desire is endless. Wants are addictive and needs are prerequisites.

“I have all my needs sorted out, now I can begin my expedition. Oh, wait I need this as well. Got it! But what if I would want that too?”

That is how it begins and I end up feeling like I want a little more. Always a little more…

Lately, I have been craving  for open skies and green lands. I long for a visit to home town. I yearn for a glimpse of real nature. And with a strong desire you get what you want. If not the exact ‘same’thing – ‘some’thing!


I took this while at a metro station. Honestly, far away from the city’s hustle, bustle only the skies are untouched. Now here is a view that’d capture all your attention, and bring a smile on your face.

Do you see a hidden UFO? Oh, just me?…… okay! Who really knows what is going on behind that white blanket?!? How splendid!