Talk about being in your happy place, it is way better than any luxury that money can buy. One of my favourite shows is back on TV and I am back to being glued to the screen after dinner every night like an owl with a deep deep gaze. The world does not exist when I am that lost. Best part is that, this state of comfort is not only within my reach but also within the budget.

Yes, I could be in a luxurious hotel eating something gourmet with the cold, light breeze entering through my window with the most beautiful sunset…. But frankly after all that I would watch the same old show for my big dose of comedy. So yet again it goes with out saying, we do not want things, we want the feelings we associate with those things. Not too much but still it is a luxury of being able to own a TV, have a decent life style, oh even being healthy or happy (nowadays), if you know what I mean.

With out spontaneity boredom would ensue. And yet we just keep getting dependent, don’t we? I mean I would be sad if I had to miss even a single episode of this TV show. Why do I have to get attached to the characters? But avid readers can definitely relate. Is it not sad when your novel is about to get over? I becomes a substantial part of life and those fictitious characters become friends (even enemies).

Sounds strange but to those who find it #relatable know it too well because the luxury of being able to immerse yourself in the simplest of pleasures is far better than what the world’s combined riches could buy. Being able now that is a luxury in itself.

Nonetheless, we shan’t forget the true luxuries – being passionate, being forgiven, feeling loved and you know the rest. They needed a mention because I think we tend to take them for granted.

I would say true luxury comes when we open our hearts and not always by opening a wallet. – Insach