Not a joke.

Look at their face, look at their walk, the way they talk, oh those clothes and the funny voice…

That is how you describe a clown or a drunkard, uttering any of that otherwise is not funny. Say what now, it is just a joke? Okay that is no excuse to put any other person down. It is never justified to look down on anyone. It is never okay to unknowingly hurt anyone. One might say things without realising the repercussions, but even then why comment on someone else’s personal matters or personality attributes or physical features. Bullying is not synonym to leg pulling.

Shh, shhh, not a single thought about anyone. Like they say crticize slowly and appreciate quickly. No one is entitled to pass random remarks. Accept others and move on or just move on. People are not bus stops, they are not waiting for random strangers to make halts in their lives.

Seriously, whenever I hear or read about bullying, something that has also become digital and it is called cyber bullying, I am flabbergasted to learn of the arguments presented by the bully. It is not just the hate, the real question is what were they being fed? What agitates them to that point, where only abuse could work for them?

And sad enough not everyone gets help, not every one is strong enough to not give into these bullies. Sad as it is young ones suicide just because they can not bear it anymore. They find the world as a dirty and disgusting place just because of a few fellows who find pleasure in picking on them. Oh gosh, the seriousness of these matters is never felt unless personally experienced.

And if that is not enough the victimisation of the sufferer makes matters worse. Victims are not weak. There are so many stories flashing in front of eyes. Each one talked of the victims closest relations being unaware of the victim’s state of mind before they began discussing the cruelty of the bully. Honestly, it does seem hopeless. But laws do exist, people are still afraid, where is the hope? Just in the belief that one day it will change? When? Years from now?

Tender roots do not/can not differentiate water from poison. They will absorb what will be given to them. Hope is in nurturing those roots .