The first thing thing we do is look at anything. Eyes let us see they are one of most important senses and we use sight (not necessarily perception) frequently. We see a lot, so much that we do not even retain memory of each and every thing. Who has the time to look for details, right?

What do we look at then? We look at the surface of things, unsurprisingly we have become habitual of it, just having a look. That is all we do, I can say that for myself. I would see something and basically just look at the surface of it, never at the intricacies. And later when I’d recall the image, the colour, the main theme of the picture or the context would come easily. But nothing more than that and being someone who has a stronger visual memory, it bothered me to know that I was not honing my skill but merely wasting it.

Hence began the journey of seeing more than what meets the eye. Takes a while to get used to the concept and it takes practice and patience to actually sharpen this memory skill. But the difference lies in the approach. For visual recognition our mind is programmed to simply look at something and store it forever.

It is not brains fault that we do not give even a minute to anything. It is indeed our fault we never really put in the effort. I mean no one gets forgetful before a certain age and yet you would find youngsters being more forgetful. One reason is not being attentive, the other is being uninterested “what does not concern me is of no use to me”, lastly the habit of just looking at the surface.

Can not see the forest for the trees, all we see is the forest. We can be so fixated on the big picture that the details won’t get recorded. Again we are at fault. Life is fast paced and our heads pre-occupied – understood- but we should not let the scent of blooming roses on your way to work go unnoticed. It is of much importance that we capture these things of beauty in our memory forever than on the camera. After all two dimensional can never be three dimensional. It is just a red rose at the surface, but a flower with green leaves, small buds and, thorns – in the real sense.

Similarly, with a new person, we could be fixated on one attribute only and miss an opportunity of knowing an amazing personality. I have another idiom coming in – do not judge a book by its cover… Again, know the details before you rush into a decision.

Live free? Really? How can one live free being filled with preconceived notions? Looking beyond the surface, now that is called putting in efforts to know something.