Just Ask.

Be a helping hand whenever necessary. Assisting others is not a only a good deed but also a good opportunity to learn new things and of all the best things you get to know a new person.

Reaching out to some who is in need of help is quite important but reaching out to those who do not let others see what they are going through is important, necessary and unfortunately difficult. In this case though, we can not help strangers as much as our near and dear. But then again help is help.

Reaching out to people in crises is something that a lot of others would do too. But it is the ones suffering in silence who need to be assured that help comes if they would just ask for it. It is neither wrong nor a sign of weakness to ask for a little help.

Everyone feels lost and stranded at some point in time but it is better to reach out to others because only then the help arrives. Same goes for reaching a certain place or point in life or when you really really want something, ask for it with conviction.

If you want to get from point A to B, you will have to walk it out. If you want clarity of mind, you will have to talk it out. If you want to be free, you will have to let it go. If you want something new, you will have toss the old out the window. If you are looking for luck, fortune, better quality of life, you will have to have a positive outlook.

It all depends on how you reach out to the universe!