Sweet eating ghost.

Such an intriguing word it is, ghost! And the associated feelings have such a variety. Some are so interested in them and others scared as hell. Some like me, find themselves in the middle.

Okay, how do I create feelings for something that I have never experienced before? Although we do have a habit of creating strong feelings by our thoughts and that is exactly how we can go through emotional stress even before any of our fears manifest into reality.

So is ghost also just a fear? Something imaginary? But then what about ghost sightings and the extensive talk about possessions by other ghosts/demons etc. Did some one go a step too far while trying to scare kids? Is it just a joke being taken to seriously? Or as simple as it is – Inexplicable and hence everyone hence the endless stories.

We also have a habit of believing in what is experiential, and for what we find scary we are ready to believe just about anything, who would go through the experience personally? So I am fine with whatever you tell me or what ever I have been hearing from the elders and others.

Enough of questions, lets come to the interesting part; the representations of these ghosts. Lots of movies show them as a grey-scale version of the deceased person, some show them in the exact state that they died in like, bleeding or without an arm or a leg, they can apparate or even fly as an additional ability to passing through solid objects, some suggest they are ugly just because they are ghost they can not be beautiful.

Even funnier is the Bollywood representation – a grey coloured woman with grey hair, actually white long hair, cald in white sari carrying a candle and as shown in a movie singing the famous song “gum naam hai koi badnaam hai koi” (lit. translation “some one is nameless and some one is infamous”, I have no idea in what context she sings this, perhaps it is about her being name less because she is obviously DEAD haha). Come to think of it, there are no specific male ghost representations.

Anyway random prompt, even much random response!

It is Rakhi tomorrow wishes of the festivities to my readers. Rakhi is a festival that comes with its own story and traditions. Suffice to say it is neither valentines day nor siblings day but a day for brothers and sisters. The one who ties the rakhi (traditionally sister) wishes for good health of the other person (normally brother) and they basically take a vow to take care of there sister in every circumstance. So yeah it is a sweet tradition both in feelings and taste! Nothing goes with out sweets here, might as well have a sweet eating ghost!!

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