Not 50-50.

You know what is the most amazing quality we have? And in fact all of us have it. The ability to go for something even when the chances of it being a success are 50-50. Then there are some who like to beat the odds, you know those who just do not care about what others have to say and believe it or not more than 50-50 these people almost always make the circumstances and conditions to work out for them, at least that is how it seems on the surface.

Point being, we should see what do we have time for?

Do I have enough time to read the problem or should I just look for a solution? Do I wait for things to be right or should I take the initiative and change it for myself? Do I want to calculate the risk of losing or should I go with the 1% chance that I have? We choose and that is enough.

After all it is not always as easy as 50-50, but it if there is any chance then honestly one chance is all we need.