Miniature Budai

Miniature laughing Buddha. One of my cousin sisters gave it to me a long time back (entirely different but fun story about walking up a hill to reach a temple). From one of the souvenir shops near by, she bought it for me, more like took it from the shop and gave it to me. Fun incident; shop-lifting from a temple-shop.

Well, she did not have to pay for it because the shop-keeper was an acquaintance of theirs so, it was all okay and then while handing it to me she told me that rubbing Budai’s belly would bring good luck to me. Even the folklore suggest the same thing.

Now, I am not the kind who hangs onto such beliefs that encourage dependency, but just look at the smiling face of this little representation of Budai. I do not know about good luck but it sure does make me smile. It is the smile, the laughing face is quite content it instantly puts me to good mood.

Even though it has worn off a little the magic is still there. Give it a try. Have a look!



Having all that you “NEED” is sufficient to be content. And something to eat (in your hand) is just an added blessing.  

What is the use of having all the wisdom, all the luxuries and the best of everything in life if a person can not carry a simple smile with radiant happiness and contentment. Seriously, the lesser the baggage the bigger the smile. That is message I got.