Being with you was a fierce ride

Going far away, a fierce stride.

Stronger than both of us our fate,

Almost too close, always a little late.

My words, your emotions,

Your actions, my notions.

Not to match, not to meet.

I will not be the one to cheat.

It’s a promise to hold on.

A promise to go on.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes we move on.

For all your needs,

Love can seem bitter indeed.

You be the one to talk to ,

The one to lean on to.

Even when falling apart,

With a broken heart,

And a wound to heal,

(Remember) friendships aren’t a deal.

To give is your choice.

Make it heard it is your voice.

But do not expect, do not fight.

To be given is not a right.

What is it if not a two way street?

For both of us, every moment a treat.

If only the passion was fierce,

Even in the moments unclear.