Which language?

This song has like three different languages and cultures represented in it. More than just a fusion. I can understand only 1/3rd of it, but I feel it completely.

The title is Zariya (Hindi) meaning Medium (English)

When music speaks language really does not matter. I, like many others, love music. I love listening to it and fortunately I got exposed to music in School itself so I know a bit about it. My mother and her mother are the best singers in our family. I find that many women are naturally gifted with sweet voices and also, I feel like everyone in this country can sing or at least tries to. It is just in the genes or may be because of our sing-song accents.

Another reason could be the School assemblies we have and the cultural shows held quite frequently. Each one of us through first grade to 12th grade has to attend the assembly and literally sing out loud, every morning. What are we singing? Prayers, anthems… I think in the western countries they have clubs for these kind of things, we do too, but here its like they lead and we follow. The choirs do not not put up a show during the assembly rather they sing and we sing along.

Honestly no ones is good or bad at that point and the ones who really like singing try to be a member of the choir and eventually a part of the music club, all at the discretion of the music guru (lit. translation teacher) . So as I mentioned earlier, many Schools here have compulsory music classes till tenth standard – guys and girls – every one singing while going through changes in their voices. Not to mention the exams were exactly what you think they would be… Singing!. Any song out of all the songs that we learnt over the semester.

As an introvert, I was scared at first but ended up enjoying those classes and in a way they did help me with my confidence. No doubt participating in group activities helps with building confidence. Many of my friends were already good singers. I on the other hand had to work on it. They also picked instruments while I stuck to singing only. And a friend of mine is pursuing singing to the extent that she uploads studio-version covers of songs on YouTube.

No, I won’t be uploading a video of me singing and thanks to those classes my appreciation for any singer comes from a place of basic know-how. And speaking of music breaking the barrier of language you guys may want to listen to this. Might sound strange at first but it is good. I was hooked on to Adele but this is my new favourite. It is different.